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Adventure Force Nexus Pro Review (Bought & Tested)

adventure force nexus pro review
Updated on 04/15/24

The Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro is a popular foam dart blaster that was released in 2020. Not only did it raise the bar for quality, but it also did it with a very fair initial retail price.

But what is it that makes this blaster so popular?

The Adventure Force Nexus Pro is a spring-powered blaster that shoots standard and half-length darts. Its impressive power, at up to 150 feet per second, produces a great range and makes it super accurate. This blaster also has many customization options, is compatible with many Nerf parts, and is reasonably priced.

In this article, we will delve deeper into each of the features of the Nexus Pro to help detail the good and what could be better.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I purchased the gun with my own money.

Key Features of the Nexus Pro

adventure force nexus pro dart blaster
  • Shoots standard and half-length darts
  • Includes both a 12-round full-length and half-length dart magazines
  • Compatible with many N-Strike Nerf and other brands of magazines
  • Realistic Picatinny rails that are compatible with many airsoft, or even steel sights
  • Front and rear sights included and easy to remove
  • Shoots up to 150 Feet per second when firing standard darts
  • Adjustable and removable stock, as well as a removable barrel
  • Impressive accuracy, consistency, and range
  • Includes a trigger safety and is suggested for ages 14 and up

Review of Adventure Force Nexus Pro

I put the Nexus Pro through a 7-point review, as seen below.


Design & Ergonomics9.5
Ammo & Loading9.5
Firing & Rate of Fire9.5
Accuracy & Consistency9.5
FPS & Range9.5
Reliability & Durability9.5
Fun & Value10


  • Very Accurate
  • High Power and Solid Range
  • Shoot standard and half-length darts
  • Highly compatible with other brand ammo
  • Customizable attachment options with Picatinny Rails


  • Prime is a little stiffer than normal Nerf
  • Recommended for those aged 14 and up only
nexus pro side view

Design & Ergonomics: 9.5/10

The Nexus Pro looks awesome and you can tell it was designed by someone who knows what the people want. The length is great, and the grips aren’t flashy but are very comfortable.

There is only one thing I don’t love and that’s the rear sight. It is a grenade launcher style sight that works, but doesn’t really fit the overall look of the gun, in my opinion.

The lower front grip is the priming handle and it feels a little loose when you start to pull it back. It does prime smoothly but is noticeably stiffer than a typical Nerf gun.

That said, the Picatinny rails are super easy to deal with and the sights can be unlocked to slide off easily.

Ammo and Loading: 9.5/10

While the loading is standard with spring magazines, this blaster includes an adapter that allows compatibility with half-length darts as well. What is there to complain about when a gun includes a 12 full-length dart mag and a 12 half-length dart mag?

So you start with two magazines, 24 darts, and compatibility to shoot pretty much all foam dart brands. Many of the N-Stike stick mags will fit also fit right in and smoothly fire.

Something that most people probably don’t know is that the Nexus Pro can shoot Mega darts and Rival rounds as well. While they won’t fit in the available magazines, you can single-shot them by shoving them straight into the barrel.

I have to give the ammo and loading a 10 because there aren’t many blasters with the same power and crazy compatibility. The Adventure Force darts are way better quality than the

Firing and Rate of Fire: 9.5/10

Firing this blaster requires one pump of the priming handle before each shot. While it doesn’t have slam fire, it can shoot pretty fast because of the style of the foregrip pump.

The adapter for the half lengths is easy to use as slipping in a magazine and operates just as smoothly as the regular one.

If it was an automatic blaster I would give it the 10 in this category for sure.

Accuracy and Consistency: 9.5/10

There are few stock foam blasters that come close to being as accurate as the Nexus Pro. The accuracy with this thing outperforms even the best Rival blasters, which is the top of the line for Nerf.

The half darts are the most accurate rounds to fire, and you can expect great accuracy up to 75 feet.

However, this max isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon thing like Nerf, it gets close to that regularly. With the included darts I rarely get one that veers off course.

I can’t say it’s perfect, some of the other brands of ammo it is compatible with will shoot get a little squirrelly out of the barrel. Regular Nerf darts aren’t really designed to go as fast as this can shoot them, and don’t perform quite as well.

FPS and Range: 9.5/10

The Adventure Force Nexus Pro is one of the most powerful Nerf guns straight out of the box. It flings the included full darts up to 140 FPS, the half darts up to 150 FPS, and Nerf Elite darts up to 150 FPS as well.

This is well over the Nerf average of 70 FPS, and even dwarfs the 115 FPS that the Nerf Hyper Series shoots. The only other stock brand that is equal in power is Dart Zone with the Pro MK-3 and Max Stryker.

The max range for the Nexus Pro is about 130 feet when angled a bit. When shooting straight you will get over 100-foot range nearly every time.

Reliability and Durability 9.5/10

I have put a lot of darts through mine and all I can say is that it is my go-to for a reason. I honestly don’t remember the last jam or malfunction.

As far as durability goes, I have had no issues with it, but I am not overly aggressive or careless with it. I also have not heard or read of any major long-term issues with the materials.

I gave it a 9.5 because while I have had no issues I haven’t seen a blaster that is perfect for durability. I have no complaints whatsoever about its reliability.

Fun and Value: 10/10

Is over twice the power of the average Nerf blaster fun? Yes. Do better range and incredible accuracy make a dart blaster more enjoyable? Also yes. Do more options for ammo choices and compatibility make it better? You betcha, and I could keep going!

All this included for about the same or less cost than a similar-sized Nerf gun, makes the Nexus Pro an incredible buy.

Final Verdict

Based on the given ranking factors, I give the Adventure Force Nexus Pro a 9.8 out of 10.

When compared to similar Nerf brand guns, this one frankly blows them out of the water. This thing is impressive all-around and I would highly recommend it to anyone and every one of the appropriate age.

It is important actually important to pay attention to the recommended age and realize this dart blasters can cause some tears if carelessly fired. This baster is not really designed to be used inside, it shoots hard and is uncomfortable to get hit by at close ranges.

The Nexus Pro is the perfect foam dart shooter for outside play. It really isn’t fair to go against standard Nerf guns with it. Adventure Force has become such a solid Nerf competitor!

This would be a perfect 10 if it was full auto with similar performance and a rechargeable battery. However, that’s a lot to ask for, and would definitely raise the price.

Versions and Where to Buy the Adventure Force Nexus Pro

There are three versions of the Nexus Pro, but the standard edition is the lowest price. This blaster is a Wal-Mart exclusive and all versions are available there.

Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro: Standard Edition – Primary Orange Coloring

Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro: Special Midas Touch Edition – Gold Plated Coloring

Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro: Special Graphic Camo Edition – Pink, Purple, Teal and Black Coloring

Nerf Guns Like the Nexus Pro

There are two toy dart blasters that closely compare to this one. Both are made by Dart Zone and are Target exclusives.

Dart Zone Max Stryker: The closest blaster in performance and with similar ammo compatibility features.

Dart Zone Pro MK-3: A strong, battery-powered blaster that may be the only thing better than the Nexus Pro right now.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Nerfing!