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Banshees Throwing Cards: Review & Guide

Banshees throwing cards are high-quality plastic cards specifically designed for those learning how to throw cards.

These are among the best throwing cards available, and this guide will cover every aspect of their design and discuss what sets them apart from other brands and normal playing cards.

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Banshees Throwing Cards Review


Unlike regular playing cards, these are made of plastic. This gives them a little more weight and reduces the chance of card bending.

As you learn to throw harder, these cards do have the chance of chipping. In fact, if you throw it at a hard surface like a rock with a decent speed, it will likely shatter into several pieces.

While this can be annoying, anyone who has dabbled in throwing cards knows very well that ruining cards is part of the hobby, and there isn't much you can do about it.

When thrown repeatedly over time, all cards will either bend or chip until they become virtually unthrowable.

NOTE: To make your cards last significantly longer, you should consider building yourself a soft card throwing target. These are very easy to build using different types of foam or soft cardboard.

Back Side

Banshee Throwing Card Top

The first thing you will probably notice is that these cards do not have suits and numbers—making them pretty worthless as playing cards.

On the top and bottom corner, you will see two rectangles and two triangles cut into the cards.

These holes are specifically designed to make the card whistle while flying through the air.

The noise itself can be a guide as the card really only whistles when thrown pretty straight and hard.

Besides the nifty little print design, the only other thing worth noting on the backside of these cards is that the surface is totally smooth.

Now let's take a look at the other side!

Face Side

Banshee Throwing Cards Face

These come with a visual measurement system printed on the card in 1/8 inch segments.

You can use the measurements to check how far your card is actually penetrating your target.

This can be very useful while you are trying to increase your throwing speed or speed consistency.

Another important thing to note is the surface of the face side is not totally smooth like the back.

Now, this isn't necessarily a good nor bad thing, it is just something to be aware of as it will feel slightly different than a regular card.


These will cost you around $14 a deck on Amazon.

Yes, they are significantly higher priced than a regular deck of cards, especially when you can't even use them to play games.

On the other hand, the extra durability, visual design, and measurement features increase the value. Not to mention you'll be flinging these things harder and faster due to the increased weight and decreased flexibility.

Cool Card Care Tip: Even the slightest little bend, chip, or rough edge can really alter the flight pattern. When you get a new pack, you should check the edges and holes in the card for excessive material residue. The extra residue can usually be cleaned off by gently rubbing it with your finger.

Banshees Advanced Throwing Cards Review


The material is reported to be slightly thicker than the original banshees to increase their weight and durability.

However, it's not that noticeable and you will experience the same chipping and breaking if you throw them at hard surfaces.

That being said, the material is still high-quality and will hold up well when thrown into soft targets.

Top Side

Banshee Advanced Throwing Cards Top

The print on the top of the card is visually redesigned, and they even have a new sweet-looking deck box.

In this upgraded version, the new whistling holes were changed to three triangles—one big and two small—on opposite diagonal corners.

These are advertised to make "louder waves of sound better than ever before." While the sound seems slightly louder when thrown hard and straight, it's not that much louder over the original Banshees cards.

Lastly, the card surfaces are the same as the original, with a smooth surface on the top and a slightly rough texture on the other side.

Face Side

Banshee Advanced Throwing Cards Face

The print design on the face did not change much from the previous version.

Like its predecessor, these cards are not usable for card games as they again have a visual measurement on the face.


These cards are significantly higher priced, but you can find them on Amazon for around $20 a deck.

The Banshees Advanced throwing cards, in my opinion, are not better and don't justify the increased price over the originals.

However, they are worth trying if you really dive into the hobby and want to try something new.

You really can't go wrong with either!


Some people suggest that the Banshees are not for beginners because they require a little more experience and skill to get them to the speed to make noise. However, I highly recommend the original Banshees Throwing cards for all card throwers —from beginners to advanced throwers. 

I suggest these cards because most people can increase their card throwing skill from beginner to intermediate with just a few hours of practice with them. You will feel the weight and material difference compared to regular cards, and this can noticeably help increase your throwing speed.

However,  if you are already an intermediate to advanced thrower, you might consider trying a pack of Falcon Throwing Cards. These are the cream of the crop and the thickest throwing cards you can buy. You can pick up a pack on Amazon for $15 - $35, depending on the design.

They don't have the cuts for noise, but the thickness could improve your speed and distance. Another benefit is that you can actually use them to play card games!

That's it for this review and if you are looking to bring your card throwing skills to the next level, consider checking out our guide on how to throw cards fast, far, and accurately.

Happy Throwing!

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