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10 Best Nerf Pistols (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Updated on 06/19/24

Nerf pistols are great because they can pack a punch in a battle and are more affordable. If you are looking for one for yourself or as a gift, you are in the right place.

There are many good reasons to have a pistol in a Nerf war, for example:

  • You can move easier and quicker with pistols.
  • With a pistol in each hand, you can attack two targets at once.
  • Most pistols can be hidden for surprise attacks or a backup.

One common myth about big Nerf guns is that they are more powerful and accurate, but this is not always the case.

The truth is there are some excellent classic Nerf pistols out there and some new ones that are completely changing the Nerf blaster game.

Plus, many are so customizable that they can be made larger to meet the big boys head-on.

Best Nerf Pistols 2023

If you’re looking for the best Nerf pistols, which I am sure you are, we have you covered. There are a ton of Nerf pistols out there, and it takes time to find the best, but we did it! You will find no guesswork here, only guarantees.

We have extensively researched and reviewed the top Nerf pistols to ensure these are the best out now in 2023. You will also find the second-best choice for each category if you are looking for a different design or something in a slightly different price range.

What is the best Nerf Pistol?

The Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 is our choice for the best Nerf pistol due to its overall quality, ease of use, and accuracy. It shoots Rival balls at an impressive 90 feet per second and holds five rounds in an internal clip. The Kronos has a nice slim design and is available to purchase in several different color options.

For quick information about identifying some of the parts and features of Nerf guns, jump to the buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article. Here we go!

Here Are the 10 Best Nerf Pistols of 2024

1. Best Overall Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500
2. Best For Price Nerf Commander RD-6
3. Best Fortnite Nerf Fortnite SP-L
4. Best Revolver Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8
5. Most Ammo
Nerf Hyper Rush-40
6. Best New Nerf Rival Pilot
7. Best Automatic Nerf Ultra Two
8. Best Zombie Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot
9. Best Mega Nerf Mega Magnus
10. Best Classic Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Now let’s look at what makes these the best in each category!

1. Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500

Best Overall

nerf rival kronos xviii 500 blaster


  • Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds
  • Velocity: 90 feet per second
  • Range: 80+ feet
  • Powered: Spring-powered

The Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 is our choice for the best overall nerf pistol because of its power, accuracy, and quality.

This blaster can quickly and easily be top-loaded into the gun by pulling the priming arm back, opening the loading door, and dumping the balls in.

The Kronos comes with and can fit 5 Rival rounds at once for back-to-back firing. It also has many features that make it feel more realistic, including the tactical rail, quality iron sights, and trigger safety.

Rival series blasters are known for great performance, and the Kronos doesn’t disappoint with 90 FPS shooting velocity. It has decent accuracy up to 50 feet and a max range of over 100.

A popular favorite among Nerf lovers everywhere, the Nerf Rival Kronos is also the best Rival series nerf pistol for a fair price.

The Kronos is available in several different color options which you can see here.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High FPS and range for pistol
  • Very Accurate

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Lower ammo capacity than most pistols

2. Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6

Best For Price

nerf elite commander 2.0 rd 6


  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts
  • Velocity: 75 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

At under $10, the Nerf Commander RD-6 is our choice for quality at the best price. 

Never mind the awesome color scheme, the Commander can be made into a full-blown rifle with the number of attachment points it has. 

It can become kind of an all-in-one blaster if you already have some attachments to throw on. Otherwise, attachments sold separately can cost more than the blaster itself. Besides the N-strike barrel lug, it has a stock point and three tactical rails.

With smooth slam-fire and a bit above average power at up to 75 FPS, this pistol hits the mark. Another sweet thing is that it includes different colors of darts, 12 in total, that match the color theme.

The Commander is a perfect choice for those who like tinkering and want to build some whacky combinations with new looks.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Budget priced
  • Has slam fire
  • Great performance for price
  • Lightweight and handles well
  • Lots of attachment/upgrade options

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Slightly big pistol

3. Nerf Fortnite SP-L

Best Fortnite Nerf Pistol

nerf fortnite sp l blaster


  • Ammo Capacity: Elite Darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts
  • Velocity: 90 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

For gaming fans, the Nerf Fortnite SP-L is one of the coolest-looking pistols, based on one in the actual Fortnite video game.

The SP-L is great for kids as it is from one of the most popular games, and has some very unique features. 

It has one of the few internal magazines that is top-loaded and holds three darts. To load it you pull the top priming handle back to reveal the mag.

Included with this one is the big removable suppressor-style attachment and six elite darts. You can take off the attachment easily, but it makes it look awesome.

Up on top, the sight is easy to see through and does not have a plastic window. It does not have any other attachment points besides the N-Strike compatible barrel point.

This Fortnite Nerf gun shoots very smoothly and flings darts around the standard 70 FPS, which produces the standard shooting range. The SP-L makes the top 3 because it one of the most popular now, and stands out for its overall design.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very smooth firing
  • From Fortnite game
  • Unique design

Reasons to Avoid:

  • No attachment points besides barrel
  • Low ammo capacity

4. Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8

Best Revolver Style

nerf elite 2.0 trailblazer rd8


  • Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds
  • Velocity: 90 feet per second
  • Range: 80+ feet
  • Powered: Spring-powered

The Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8 is a handsome pistol that came out in early 2022.

The easy-to-load 8-round drum and sleek hammer-action design help make the Trailblazer the best Nerf revolver.

While there are currently no other versions of it, this one is labeled the “Wild Edition.”

Its hammer-action priming handle can be cocked back by most with one finger, making for easy and relatively fast firing. This means you can hold one in each hand, have double the firing power, and shoot two different targets simultaneously.

Being able to shoot the Trailblazer completely one-handed also makes this a great companion to a Nerf melee weapon!

The Trailblazer fires at about 70 FPs on average, which is pretty good for a dart blaster. Oh, and did I mention it comes with 16 darts? This is more than most Nerf pistols I know of.

It does include an N-Strike tactical rail for attachments on the bottom. However, I do wish they would have thrown it on the top, or even had two on this blaster. A sling mount is also pretty standard on most pistols, so I’m not sure why they didn’t include one.

This gun is still one of my new favorites and will continue to get a lot of use. For a more in-depth look at this sweet revolver-style blaster, check out our comprehensive Nerf Trailblazer review.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It can be operated one-handed
  • 8-dart capacity
  • Great color scheme

Reasons to Avoid:

  • No sling mount
  • Smaller grip size

4. Nerf Hyper Rush-40

Best Ammo Capacity

nerf hyper rush 40 blaster


  • Ammo Type: Hyper rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 40 balls
  • Velocity: 110 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

My personal favorite Nerf Pistol is the game-changing Nerf Hyper Rush-40.

The Rush holds up 40 hyper rounds, has hopper-style loading, and a fast firing rate, making it easily one the coolest newer Nerf pistols. Not to yet even mention, this one shoots the newer Hyper rounds up to 110 feet per second.

Ammo is loaded into a rear gravity-fed hopper and is shot by pulling back the upper rear priming handle.

The Hyper Rush-40 includes 30 hyper rounds and eye protection

One comlaint about this one is it’s accuracy which hurts the overall performance a bit. You can make this blaster so much more accurate with a Hyper-Rush hop-up from Out of Darts. It is a $2 part that takes one second to put on and makes this blaster so much better. 

It should also be noted that Hyper series Nerf guns are recommended for ages 14+ just like their Rival counterparts.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High ammo capacity
  • Easy to load
  • Hardest shooting Nerf pistol

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Inconsistent accuracy
  • It holds 40 rounds but only includes 30

6. Nerf Rival Pilot XXIII-100

Best New Nerf Pistol

nerf rival pilot xxiii 100


  • Ammo Type: Rival rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 1-3 rounds
  • Velocity: 90 feet per second
  • Range: 80+ feet
  • Powered: Spring-powered

One of the newest and niftiest Nerf pistols is the Rival Pilot XXIII-100

Brand new in 2023, the Pilot is a Wal-Mart exclusive blaster that is a compact powerhouse for just around $12. It is a small break-action pistol that launches Rival rounds at over 90 feet per second

While it only includes two rounds, you can load multiple in the barrel at once to get a shotgun-style blast. For a pretty small Nerf gun, the power and quality sights on top help this fire quite accurately.

You prime the Rival Pilot with the T-style handle at the bottom of the grip, and it even includes a trigger safety.

Another cool thing to mention is that people are 3D printing shells to make the Pilot compatible with multiple types of foam ammo. The possibilities with this affordable little thing are amazing!

Reasons to Buy:

  • Fun barrel design
  • Fires up to three rounds at once
  • Great power

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Low ammo capacity
  • Smaller grip size

7. Nerf Ultra Two

Best Automatic

nerf ultra two blaster 


  • Ammo Type: Ultra darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts
  • Velocity: Up to 90 feet per second
  • Powered: 6 AA batteries (Not included)

If you are in the market for an easy-firing Nerf pistol that looks sweet, check out the Nerf Ultra Two.

The Ultra Two is a battery-powered flywheel blaster that includes and holds six ultra darts. The 6 AA batteries are not included, but when you get them, they are installed on the left side of the gun.

You fire the Ultra Two by pressing the rev trigger and then using the main trigger to launch one dart at a time. This blaster shoots pretty smoothly and had great power at over 90 FPS dart velocity.

This rear-loaded Nerf revolver also comes with two tactical rails for regular attachments as well as two rear sling mounts.

One of the big complaints with Nerf Ultra blasters is that they will often shoot a dart wildly in a while with inconsistent accuracy. This is mostly due to the design of the Ultra darts. However, the performance has improved a bit with the newest Ultra Accustrike darts.

If you aren’t seriously worried about the accuracy and just want a fun-to-shoot automatic Nerf pistol, I would grab this one. In my opinion, The power and fun design make up for below-average accuracy.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Shoots hard
  • Easy firing
  • Very unique design

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not super accurate (Ammo)

8. Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Best Zombie Nerf Pistol

zombie strike nerf hammershot


  • Ammo Type: Elite darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 5 darts
  • Velocity: 65 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

The Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot is one of the most popular and well know dart pistols out there.

Its obvious top features included the hammer action priming that can be accomplished with one hand. Its revolver design with the wood grip paint job makes you feel a bit like a cowboy.

Included are five Zombie green Nerf darts to load in that it shoots at about 65 feet per second on average. This is a bit below average but still seems plenty good.

This one is a fan favorite but doesn’t include a bunch of options or frills. It has one rail on top for attachments, and a sling mount on the grip if you need it.

It is one of the best Zombie Strike Nerf guns, so if you some additional imaginative help with fighting those zombies, this is a fun choice.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Unique revolver
  • One-handed shooting
  • Solid quality feel

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not very customizble

9. Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus

Best Mega Dart Nerf Pistol

nerf n strike elite mega magnus 


  • Ammo Type: Mega darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 3 darts
  • Velocity: 70 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

The Magnus has a neat internal magazine that you load from the top and includes the 3 Mega darts it fits.

It can also be single-loaded through the front of the barrel if you first arm it by pulling pack the top priming handle.

This gun rarely jams but has an unjamming button on the left side of the gun to help if needed.

The main draw for the Mega blasters is the cool oversized darts that whistle slightly when shot.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Best Mega Pistol
  • Unique Internal magazine

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Inconsistent Accuracy

Alternative: Nerf Mega Cycloneshock

The fun oversized Mega Cycloneshock is only second to the Magnus because this one is pricier and harder to find.

10. Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Best Classic Style

nerf elite disruptor red 


  • Ammo Type: Elite darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts
  • Velocity: 70 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor costs a little less than the Strongarm N-Strike Elite but is just as good.

Like the Strongarm, this Disruptor can be fired quickly by slam firing, which is holding the trigger and repeatedly pulling the primer.

The Disruptor includes the six darts needed to fill it and shoots at around 70 FPS, which is the Elite series average.

The ammo is simple to reload directly in the front, and its upper tactical rail is compatible with N-Strike attachments.

The Elite Disruptor is always a good choice,  and it’s nice it doesn’t look or feel cheap even though it’s a lower-priced gun.

Pictured is the Translucent Red version, but it also comes in:

Dynamic GreenStandard Blue/OrangeReflex Blue

Reasons to Buy:

  • Easy loading
  • Has slam fire
  • Cool color options

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Average performance

Nerf Pistol Buying Guide – 2023

If you don’t know much about Nerf guns yet or are shopping for someone else, there are a few important things to consider.

nerf features guide

1. Size and Grip

If you are looking at Nerf pistols, I think it’s fair to say your not looking for something too massive. When the darts start flying, you will do what you have to survive, but not thinking about the size and grip first can be a real pain in the hands.

The pistols are well enough designed to work well in most sizes of hands.

2. Ease of Use

You will find that most Nerf guns are pretty easy to use, but some are much easier than others.

Younger kids, usually under the age recommendation, may have issues with pull or pump-action guns.

The easiest Nerf pistols to use, for most ages, are the motorized ones that require batteries but can be fired without having to pump or pull to fire each dart.

It all depends on the person because some people enjoy the process of taking the time to load and fire.

3. Customizability & Attachments

The ability to change and customize a Nerf pistol from its stock form is a very cool thing that can add so much. Most Nerf pistols come with at least one tactical rail allowing you to attach something like a scope, ammo storage, or an extra grip.

However, some guns like the Nerf Cmmmander RD-6 we covered above have multiple rails and offer room for a barrel and stock attachments.

If you are not looking to buy more attachments, this isn’t a big deal, but these options can make the pistol you buy the only one you will ever need.

The downside is that the price of attachments can add up quickly, so you may want to look into that before picking a gun.

3. Fire Rate and Speed

When considering fire rate, it mostly comes down to patience and if you want to spam out a ton of bullets quickly or don’t mind taking a little more time to get the shot right.

Some guns have features that help you get more bullets out faster than others do.

For example, some guns can be slam-fired fast, while others require a deliberate pull before each shot.

The speed at which the guns shoot a dart or ball, measured in feet per second(FPS), is essential to look at depending on the person’s age using the gun and what type of space it will be used in.

Most guns firing the normal Elite darts or the Mega darts are appropriate for ages 8+ and are fine for indoor or outdoor use.

On the other hand, the Rival and Hyper series guns generally shoot harder and faster. These types of guns are suggested for ages 14+ and not typically suggested for indoor use. These guns can be used indoors with proper precautions, but they will shoot farther and bounce around more inside.

While a lower FPS gun may be perfect for a younger child, others may not be happy with a weaker shooting gun.

4. Ammo Type

There are a handful of different ammo types, and while some Nerf blasters shoot multiple types, others only work with one.

If you are buying multiple guns at a time, it may be good to get ones that use the same ammo type to make it easier.

The ammo is also important to consider because of the size differences and potential choking hazards.

What is the Most Accurate Nerf Ammo Type?

Rival rounds, the foam balls used in the Rival series guns, are generally considered the most accurate Nerf rounds. However, you can buy non-Nerf brand darts that will shoot straighter and further than those that come stock in the Elite series guns. Waffle darts, which you can buy separately, can make Elite dart shooting guns almost as accurate as Rival series guns.

It can be important to know that the traditional “Elite suction cup” darts are usually more accurate than the regular close-ended Elite darts.

Out of the box, the most accurate stock darts are AccuStrike rounds, but the best you can buy separately are waffle darts.

You will see a noticeable difference in FPS and range with them, and you can get 100 waffle darts for under $10.

5. Ammo Capacity

Before selecting that Nerf pistol that is just right for your type of battle, you will want to make sure to look at its ammo capacity.

Depending on how often you want to reload and how much ammo you want flying about the house, the ammo capacity is often a critical factor in purchasing.

You can purchase bigger ammo clips for more customizable pistols, but many are limited to what they can hold in the barrel.

The pistol is usually a secondary backup to a bigger gun, but not in all cases.

So that means the capacity may not be the primary focus for everyone but rather something like accuracy or fire rate.

The choice for ammo capacity really depends on how much the gun will be used and by whom.

More ammo is probably better if it is the only gun someone owns or if it is being used as a primary.

6. Price and Warranty

Last but certainly not least is considering the prices and warranties of the Nerf guns you purchase.

The most expensive pistol on this best list is around $30, but most average somewhere between  $10-$20.

Some awesome older guns didn’t quite make the list because they are harder to find and therefore are high-priced.

It is good to check that store’s specific warranty information, especially on more expensive guns, when making a purchase.


Nerf pistols make awesome gifts for both kids and adults alike.

A Nerf battle has to be one of the cheapest, most fun, and family-inclusive activities around.

Remember that protective eyewear is recommended, and check out what age group each gun is appropriate for.

There are some awesome pistol blasters that can be made into all-one guns. and others that are so unique you just have to try them.

Knowing a little more about the features, like how hard they shoot and which ones are easier to use, can definitely save you some hassle.

Happy Nerfing!