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8 Best NERF Snipers: 2021 Guide

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If you are looking for the best eye-catching NERF blasters, you have to check out the sniper rifles. NERF sniper rifles are some of the most entertaining and fun-to-use toy guns.

While charging straight into battle with something like a NERF machine gun is a good time, there is just something special about sitting back and scoping your target from afar.

NERF snipers are designed to feel more realistic, add a fun element to NERF battles, and most importantly, look really cool!

The main unique features of snipers are their bolt-action loading systems, large shoulder stocks, and extra-long barrels.

To be completely honest, most NERF sniper guns don't shoot way further or with more power than even NERF pistols. That said, some rise above the rest and put the smaller NERF guns to shame.

Best NERF Sniper Guns 2021

While researching the best sniper rifles, we have considered their performance, usability, and overall style.

The NERF Ultra Pharaoh is currently the best NERF sniper rifle out because it shoots harder than most, has a realistic operating design, and looks the best overall.

However, if you are looking for something a little more customizable, or one that shoots a different type of ammo, you will find that on our list as well.

To help you find the exact sniper that fits your style, we have found the rest of the best overall and put them into categories to help you find that special one.

These are 100% honest reviews, and I will tell you both the good and bad features of each gun.

If you need more details on the main features of NERF snipers and what to look at before buying one, check out our buyers guide at the bottom of this article.

Here are the 8 Best NERF Sniper Guns in 2021

  1. Best Overall NERF Sniper: NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster
  2. Most Customizable NERF Sniper: NERF Modulus Longstrike
  3. Best Lightweight NERF Sniper: Nerf Fortnite BASR-L
  4. Best Quality NERF Sniper: NERF Rival Jupiter XIX-1000
  5. Best Mega NERF Sniper: NERF Fortnite Heavy SR
  6. Most Accurate NERF Sniper: Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike
  7. Best Sounding NERF Sniper: Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion
  8. Best Off Brand NERF Sniper: Dart Zone Max Stryker Ultimate

1. NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

Best Overall NERF Sniper

nerf ultra pharoah

The NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster is an awesome-looking sniper that wins out because of its power, great feel, and overall design.

It is one of the only snipers that actually shoots at a solid speed, clocking in at over 100 FPS.

The Ultra Pharaoh has a permanently fixed scope, bolt-action firing system, and muzzle brake on the barrel, contributing to a realistic feel.

While it has a good-sized clip holding 10 Ultra darts, it's a bummer it is not compatible with other types of darts.

If you purchase additional darts and a clip, there is room to store that extra clip in the bottom of the stock for easy access.

On top of the gun, the scope is non-magnifying and nonadjustable but is acceptable for the range these snipers have.

The bolt-action works smoothly, and the clip can be removed fast with the clip release trigger for a quick reload.

Overall the Ultra Pharoah will not disappoint; it does a great job of helping the user play as a sniper.


  • Ammo Type: Ultra darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 10 darts

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great range
  • Great color design

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Less customizable


2. NERF Modulus Longstrike

Most Customizable NERF Sniper

nerf modulus longstrike

The NERF Modulus Longstrike is a very close second to the Ultra Pharaoh for the best overall.

It is basically an upgraded version of the older NERF Longstrike that was discontinued and is now really hard to find.

The only real reason the Modulus Longstrike is second on our list is that it shoots at just over 70 FPS, which is about 30 FPS less than the Pharaoh.

However, it is more customizable and is more compatible with other attachments than the Pharaoh.

This gun includes a lot of stuff, including a removable scope, bipod, three six-round clips, and 18 elite darts to fill them.

The ammo is primed with a bolt-action lever and can be quickly replaced with another clip.

The bipod has an adjustable length to help you get it just right, and the whole barrel is removable if you feel like having a pistol design.

The tactical rails work with any N-strike attachments and allow you to move the scope where you want on the gun, leaving plenty of room for more things.

The Modulus Longstrike is in high demand because it is an excellent NERF sniper, so if you can find one, it's worth the snag.


  • Ammo Type: Elite darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts

Reasons to Buy:

  • Highly customizable
  • Lots of extras included

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Lower FPS


3. Nerf Fortnite BASR-L

Best Lightweight NERF Sniper

nerf fortnite basr l sniper

The NERF Fortnite BASR-L is the best sniper for mobility because it is so lightweight.

This sniper is a great choice for younger kids because it is straightforward to use and doesn't shoot too hard, at around 70 FPS.

The Fortnite BASR-L also can be slam-fired, making it faster to shoot than other snipers.

That means when someone gets close you can surprise them by quickly unloading on them.

It uses a standard six-round ammo clip that shoots Elite darts but is not compatible will all other clips.

If you want to shoot it fast, you may consider getting the larger 12 round clip to hold all the darts it includes.

The included non-magnifying scope works great but can be easily removed or replaced if desired.

The tactical rail on top is standard and is compatible with N-strike attachments.

In all reality, both kids and adults will find this an enjoyable gun to use.


  • Ammo Type: Elite darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very lightweight
  • Fast firing

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not very customizable


4. NERF Rival Jupiter XIX-1000

Best Quality NERF Sniper Rifle

nerf rival jupiter xix 1000

Shooting at over 90 FPS, the NERF Rival Jupiter XIX-1000 has solid speed and distance compared to other snipers.

This sniper is a great option for those that prefer or already have Rival series guns that shoot the same rounds.

The bolt-action primer is the most realistic, requiring you to lift and pull back before pushing back into place and firing.

A very high-quality bipod comes included and can be both directionally and height adjusted.

The Jupiter is the only gun on this list that includes an adjustable monopod on the underside of the shoulder stock.

The monopod is not super necessary, but it can be a fun aide for target shooting because using it with the bipod allows you not to have to hold any gun weight.

The main drawback is the lack of an included scope, but it does come with a high-quality target that "dings" when you hit it.

If you want to make this a complete gun, I recommend adding the Rival Red dot scope on top.

I think NERF snipers need sights, and that one looks sweet on the gun and can help your aim a bit because the iron sights are just ok.


  • Ammo Type: Rival rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 10 balls

Reasons to Buy:

  • Good FPS
  • High-quality attachments and target

Reasons to Avoid:

  • No included scope


5. NERF Fortnite Heavy SR

Biggest Mega NERF Sniper

nerf fortnite heavy sr

The NERF Fortnite Heavy SR is a big ole mega dart gun that looks like the Barret M82 sniper rifle from the Fortnite video game.

This one makes the list primarily for size and looks because it only shoots up to 65 FPS and doesn't have great range.

The gun measures in at 43 inches long, but my main complaint is that the shoulder stock is slightly too short.

It shoots smoothly and is fun to operate with an included clip of six mega darts that adds to its immense size.

Attached is the bipod, which is not adjustable but works well to help hold some weight of the gun.

The tactical rails are standard compatible with other N-strike scopes, but the one it comes with looks good and works fine for its range.

This sniper is an excellent buy for someone looking for that extra intimidation and wow factor in a battle.

While it doesn't pack a hard-hitting punch, this gun can help you feel like you are in that sniper role.


  • Ammo Type: Mega darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6

Reasons to Buy:

  • Realistic design
  • It's a big boy!

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Short stock for long gun


6. Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike

Most Accurate NERF Sniper

nerf accustrike raptorstrike


The Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike stands out because of its sleek design and for its accurate Accustrike darts.

Accuracy is debatable among NERF guns, but the basic theme of the Accustrike guns is slower shooting but with reasonable accuracy.

It is lower on the list because you can't attach a scope, and the flip-up sight is just ok.

You don't need a scope to be more accurate with this gun, but I mean, it's a sniper, and it should have a tactical rail on top.

On the plus side, it comes with two six-round ammo clips and 18 Accustrike darts, which is the most ammo you will get any sniper out of the box.

It has one tactical rail under the barrel, which is best used for the bipod that comes with it.

The bipod has two different adjustable heights and utilizes a button release to extend them.

The Raptorstrike is worth checking out because it looks so different from the rest of the snipers and the accuracy makes it a great target shooting gun.


  • Ammo Type: Accustrike darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts

Reasons to Buy:

  • Accurate darts
  • Unique design

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Low-quality sight
  • You can't attach a scope


Alternative Design: NERF Accustrike Alphahawk

If you want something close to the Raptorstrike that you can put a scope on, check out the NERF Accustrike Alphahawk.

7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion

Best Sounding NERF Sniper

nerf n strike elite mega centurion

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion has a satisfying loading and firing sound that is louder than the other snipers.

No, it's not going to go "boom," but the sliding firing spring sound is noticeable and produces a very slight recoil.

I think it sounds great, but it could be annoying to others that live with you which is something to consider.

Before loading, the priming handle must be in the forward position, and then you can stick the clip of six mega darts on in.

The Centurion is not meant to be fast firing, and it's not, but the dart speed is average at around 70 FPS.

The advertised range of 100 feet may be a bit generous, but you can achieve it if you angle the gun up before firing.

This gun does have one of the better bipods that is both detachable and has adjustable legs.

It is a little sad it doesn't come with a scope, but the upper tactical rail is the typical N-strike so that you can put your own on there.


  • Ammo Type: Mega darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 darts

Reasons to Buy:

  • Realistic feel and sound
  • Mega dart gun

Reasons to Avoid:

  • No scope included


Alternative Design: NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion

The centurion comes in another excellent transparent blue design that I had to point out. It is more expensive but could make a sweet collector's piece.

8. Dart Zone Max Stryker Ultimate

Best Off Brand NERF Sniper

dart zone max stryker ultimate

The Dart Zone Max Stryker Ultimate is only at the bottom of the list because it is not a technical sniper design.

It outperforms all the name-brand NERF snipers and is in the same price range, so it is worth checking out.

At up to 150 FPS and with a range over 125 feet when angled, this gun definitely deserves sniper status.

This gun comes with a lot, including 12 half-length and 12 full-length Max accuracy darts and different clips to use both size rounds.

The three attachments, the barrel, scope, and adjustable stock, all feel pretty solid.

The main downside is the pump-action stock that feels somewhat cheap compared to other snipers' bolt-action design.

Dart zone overall makes some good quality NERF-style guns worth taking a look at.


  • Ammo Type: Half and full-length Dart zone darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 12

Reasons to Buy:

  • High FPS
  • Goo Ammo Capacity

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not technical sniper design


Best NERF Sniper Buyers Guide

It can help to know a little bit more about the features of NERF snipers that make them different to compare and find the right one.

What is a NERF Sniper Rifle?

NERF snipers may not shoot as far as one would hope, but they have unique traits that set them apart from regular NERF guns.

An actual NERF sniper rifle will have most or all of these distinct features:

  • Longer barrel (design)
  • Large shoulder stock
  • Bolt-action loading system
  • Single shot
  • Scope and bipod

Many small or mid-size guns can be adapted to look like snipers, but the real snipers come with these features straight out of the box.

Here are some of the things we looked at to determine the best NERF sniper guns, which can also help you find your best choice.

Distance Shot Speed Ammo
Attachments Size Price

Shooting Distance

Personally, I want a sniper that can shoot far, but that might not be the most important thing for everyone.

We have sorted them by the distance they shoot when aimed straight and also angled up a bit for more distance.

Here are the estimated averages for how the sniper rifles on our list stack up in the distance category.

SNIPER Straight Angled
Ultra Pharaoh 50-75 ft Max 120 ft
Modulus Longstrike 40-65 ft Max 80 ft
Fortnite BASR-L 40-65 ft Max 80 ft
Rival Jupiter XIX-1000 45-70 ft Max 100 ft
Fortnite Heavy SR 40-55 ft Max 95 ft
Accustrike Raptorstrike 40-65 ft Max 80 ft
Mega Centurion 40-55 ft Max 95 ft
D Z Max Stryker 70-90 ft Max 125 ft

These are the average distances in good conditions outside with the stock darts that come with each gun.

Ammo Speed (FPS)

The speed at which the snipers shoot a dart or ball is typically measured and given in feet per second (FPS)

Here are the guns on our list sorted by the feet per second at which they shoot the ammo included with them in the box.

SNIPER Shot Speed
Ultra Pharaoh Max 105 FPS
Modulus Longstrike Max 75 FPS
Fortnite BASR-L Max 65 FPS
Rival Jupiter XIX-1000 Max 95 FPS
Fortnite Heavy SR Max 65 FPS
Accustrike Raptorstrike Max 70 FPS
Mega Centurion Max 65 FPS
D Z Max Stryker Max 150 FPS

As for the firing rate, you should assume that most snipers shoot relatively slow, but the Fornite BASR-L is the best choice if you want to be able to unload the ammo quickly with slam fire.

Ammo Type and Capacity

You may not be aware there are many different ammo types in NERF guns, and not all are fully compatible with each other.

Here is what ammo comes with each gun on our list and how much it can hold at once.

SNIPER Ammo Capacity
Ultra Pharaoh Ultra darts     10
Modulus Longstrike Elite darts      6
Fortnite BASR-L Elite darts      6
Rival Jupiter XIX-1000 Rival balls     10
Fortnite Heavy SR Mega darts      6
Accustrike Raptorstrike Accu darts      6
Mega Centurion Mega darts      6
D Z Max Stryker DZ darts     12

Most guns that shoot Elite darts can shoot Accustrike rounds and vice versa; otherwise, most other guns only shoot their specific dart type.

The exception is the Dart Zone Max Stryker that can also shoot Elite darts.


There are a few things to consider when looking at the attachments on a NERF sniper rifle.

nerf sniper rifle features


NERF scopes are not generally magnifying in any way because they don't have long enough range to really need that feature.

It is probably best to stick with the scope on the gun or get one that looks best to you.

Not all scopes are removable or adjustable so double-check the description or picture to make sure.

If you are planning to get a scope for a gun that doesn't include one, just make sure you get one that is compatible with the tactical rail on the specific rifle.


The gun's stock is the part that you put to your shoulder to aim and fire.

Sniper stocks are more prominent because the overall design is bigger than other guns.

Some are a little shorter in length, which makes them slightly less comfortable for bigger people.

Otherwise, there is not much to worry about besides looks when considering the stocks.


What you see is what you get when it comes to NERF sniper barrels.

The Modulus Longstrike is the only one that can be removed to be used on another N-strike gun or replaced.

Most sniper rifles will arrive in several pieces in the box, and the barrel of the guns will have to be locked into the central part.

It is important to note that a longer barrel doesn't really help performance when it comes to NERF.


The purpose of bipods on NERF snipers is mainly to help with the aim while sitting or laying down.

These will help a bit for target shooting, but just like many of the other features for NERF guns, they are primarily for looks.

The bipods can be great for younger kids that may have trouble carrying and handling the bigger guns.

Most of them have at least slightly adjustable legs and are detachable, but with a few exceptions.

Overall, bipods add to the feel of the snipers and help them feel a bit more realistic.

Size and Design

Snipers are longer in general, and the big design is one of the primary reasons people like them.

Younger kids may have a little trouble handling the bigger sniper rifles, but most are not that heavy.

For design, while other guns have many different color choices and variations, snipers typically don't.

The few that do I pointed out above, but the alternate designs usually cost more.

Price and Warranty

The NERF sniper guns on this best-of list range in price from about $40-$70.

Some awesome older guns didn't quite make the list because they are harder to find and therefore are higher priced.

No exact prices are given in this article because they often change.

The links in this article will take you to the lowest prices at Amazon, but it never hurts to double-check the warranties while you are there.

Safety Precautions

You can check the age recommendations for these guns, of which most are for ages 8+ except the Rival Jupiter on this list which is suggested for ages 14+.

The hardest any of these snipers shoot just over 100 FPS, which doesn't hurt most kids or adults at close range, but it's enough you feel it.

Wearing eye protection is always a good idea because darts can catch you off guard, and the eyes are the worst spot to get hit in.

The darts and ball ammunition can also be a potential choking hazard for younger kids, as you know, so remember to keep it away from them.


NERF snipers can be loads of fun, and I believe all the ones found here are indeed the best foam shooters.

You will not likely claim ultimate victory and dominance in a NERF war with a sniper, but they have their place and are great for those who want to take a more calculated approach to battle.

However, I recommend looking at the pros and cons of each to be sure the guns you choose meets your expectations or the persons you may be shopping for.

Most people would like to see NERF snipers have greater distance and power, but they are pretty suitable for more ages groups than something like airsoft.

If there is a gun on the list that you like but is lacking in a specific area like design or power, I would recommend looking into NERF gun modification kits.

If you are looking to claim ultimate victory and absolutely obliterate the competition quickly, you should check out the best NERF machine guns.

There still is nothing like NERF when it comes to spontaneous indoor battles and target shooting that is sure to entertain.

Happy NERFing!

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