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Top 5 Best Throwing Cards

Types of throwing cards
Updated on 11/15/23

The best types of throwing cards are those that are actually designed to be thrown. Card throwing is an awesome skill where a person learns to throw a card fast, far, and accurately.

Learning how to throw cards is a fun hobby to pick up, but the process can take a toll on the cards you throw. You don’t want to throw cards that are too damaged because it can affect the flight of the card, and make them harder to throw.

That being said, it is not a bad idea to pick up a few extra packs or try out some new types of cards that are specifically designed for throwing.

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5. Bicycle Playing Cards

The beautiful thing about throwing cards is that it can be a really entertaining and cheap hobby.

Most people at least have one pack of cards hanging around somewhere.

However, if for some reason you don’t, you can get packs for just a few dollars.

The standard Bicycle brand makes solid playing cards that work just fine for practicing your card slinging skill.

It is good to have a few extra packs of playing cards as throwing them will naturally wear them out faster.

You want to be using cards that are straight, and not damaged in any way. The reason for this is, of course, that they will not fly as well or at all.

You will have an easier time when your cards smooth and flat.

4. Whizz Throwing Cards

The Whizz cards are not playable but rather uniquely designed for throwing.

Main Features:

  1. Made of durable plastic to last longer
  2. Aerodynamically designed specifically for card throwing
  3. They make “Whizzing” sound effect when thrown

These feel very nice in your hand and are visually pleasing, but they don’t stand out as any better than any of the other throwing cards.

3. Banshee Throwing Cards

Banshee cards are probably the most well-known brand of cards designed specifically for throwing.

When switching from regular playing cards to banshees, you will definitely notice the difference. It is easier to get them to fly how you want them to, and easier to throw them faster.

These also are not playable cards, instead of face cards they have measurement marks to show how far you are putting a card in a target.

The banshee and banshee advanced are always a good choice for those looking to step up their card throwing game.

This is our recommended throwing card: Check out Banshee Throwing Cards: Review & Guide for a more in-depth look at these cards.

2. Banshee Advanced Throwing  Cards

The banshee advanced throwing cards are probably just as you assume, an upgraded version of the banshee card.

These are also plastic, but slightly thicker for more weight, and faster-throwing speed.

You basically pay a little more for a better, and more durable material in this card.

If you throw this card right, it also makes more noise.

1. Falcon Throwing Cards

These are the best cards for throwing according to Rick Smith Jr.

Rick is recognized as one of the best card throwers and holds several card throwing world records.

These are some of the nicest cards out there.

With these cards, you are really paying for the design, but the slight extra thickness in the card does make a difference.

These may be the best throwing cards in the world currently and are a great addition to a card tossing arsenal.

The main features of the Falcon Cards:

  • Real usable playing cards with a uniquely beautiful design 
  • White-tipped on two sides for better throwing visibility
  • 3 Star System on each card to tell how far you are throwing into targets
  • Thicker card stock to allow for harder and faster throwing

And an extra for those who like a little more excitement in life… 

Metal Throwing Cards

Even though these are not super sharp, the extra weight of the metal makes powerful tossing a bit easier.

These are obviously not going to fly the same way a regular card will, but they will provide a good time. These metal throwing cards make a better weapon against harder card throwing targets.

These are better designed for outdoor throwing, as these will obviously do some damage inside the house.

As regular cards are easily affected by the wind, these make for an awesome outdoor activity.

Another benefit of these particular metal cards is that they also can be used as bottle openers.

The center of these metal throwing cards is hollow so you can crack some bottles.

Other Fun Cards To Throw

You may have more cards laying around your house, and waiting to be tossed than you think. Here are some easy-to-find cards that most people have, but may not think about.

  • Old Credit Cards
  • Old Identification Cards
  • Used Gift Cards

Just like metal ones, these have a totally different feel than regular playing cards.

These can do a little more damage with less effort, just remember to watch where you’re throwing. Safety goggles may not be a bad idea for you and those watching in case of a missed throw, or bounce.

You don’t want to throw any eyes out. Or do you?

Happy Throwing!