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Dollar Bill Origami Elephant Folding Guide

Follow this guide to make a dollar bill origami elephant.

This is one of the cooler dollar bill origami animals to make.

It is not the easiest money origami fold, but it is a fun challenge.

Let's Get Started!

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Start with the backside of a fresh dollar bill.

STEP 1: Fold the bill from top to bottom lengthwise

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 1

Make a crease when folded and then unfold the bill.

STEP 2: Fold both top corners to the middle crease making a point

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 2

STEP 3: Fold the top corners to the middle crease again

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 3

The first steps are similar to folding a paper airplane.

STEP 4: Fold the tip down to meet the bottom of the bill

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 4

STEP 5: Make a fold on the border of the green on the bottom border of the bill

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 5

Fold the white part to the other side of the bill, then flip the bill over.

STEP 6:  Fold the right edge to the left one and just crease the top right corner

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 6a

Once you crease the top right corner, you can unfold it.

You can use the crease line you just made to make the next fold.

STEP 7: Fold the right edge to the small crease you just made

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 7

Fully fold to the line you made in the last step and crease it.

STEP 8: Fold the left outer edge to the previous fold edge

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 8

When you fold left to middle, let the point fold out on top.

STEP 9: Fold both middle edges to the outside edges of the bill

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 9

After you make these folds and crease, flip the whole bill over.

STEP 10: Fold all four top layer corner tips

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 10

They don't have to be perfect, just try to make them as straight as possible.

STEP 11: Make the elephant legs with squash folds

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 11

Pull the top layer of the edges in and use your finger or pen to open up the little points.

Then squash fold the points down making them flat.

Do this on both sides and it should look something like this next picture.

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 12

Flip it over to the other side when these folds are complete.

STEP 12: Fold the left point all the way over the top of the bill and flat

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 13

STEP 13: Now fold it back to where it bends on this line

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 14

You want it to fold pretty close to the center of George Washington's head.

When you crease the fold you can flip the bill completely over.

STEP 14: Fold the elephant halves to meet each other

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 15

STEP 15: Make the first elephant trunk bends

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 16

You can follow lines to first bend the elephant trunk diagonally down behind the front leg.

Next, you bend in back so the top triangular edges of the trunk meet.

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 17

STEP 16: Make the elephant ears

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 18

Look from underneath and pull the ears out and fold them even.

Here you pull the trunk straight out and then as you fold the ears push the trunk inward.

STEP 17: Bend the elephant trunk two more times

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 19a

You can follow the lines to make two more trunk bends.

The first one takes the tip of the trunk to meet the belly of the elephant.

For the second bend, you can squeeze somewhere on the left edge and bend it back over your thumb.

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 20

STEP 18: Press the whole trunk underneath and then back up to form the face

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 21

You can push the whole trunk evenly underneath the body.

Then squeeze the top of the head while you push the trunk back out.

Then just curve the tip of the trunk a little if you want.

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 22

STEP 19: Make the elephant tail

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 23

Fold a point out between the back legs and fold it flat to make the tail.

STEP 20: Put the finishing touches on the elephant ears

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant 24

Bend the bottom ear tip over to meet the front of the leg.

You can then turn it inside out to tuck it under the ear.

This tucks the point in under the ear to give it better shape.

You can do this on both sides according to your preferences.

Dollar Bill Origami Elephant Complete

Take a look at your sweet new dollar bill elephant!

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Dollar Bill Origami Elephant Folding Guide
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