Dollar Bill Origami Fish

Dollar Bill Origami Fish: Easy 6 Step Fold

This awesome dollar bill origami fish is easy and quick to fold and is sure to impress your friends!

Learn to make a money origami fish from a dollar bill in just a few minutes with this simple 6 step guide.

Let’s start folding!

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You just need a one-dollar bill, and we will start with the front side.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 1

STEP 1: Fold the bill in half lengthwise from the bottom to top.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 2

After you crease it, then open it back up.

STEP 2: Next, fold the left two corners to the crease to make a point.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 3

Once you complete this step, flip the bill over.

STEP 3: Fold both of the top edges in to meet at the middle crease.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 4

Once you complete this step, flip it over again.

STEP 4: Fold the top point down in half, making a triangle on top.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 5

STEP 5: Fold the bottom of the bill up to meet the triangle tip.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 6

Make sure to crease the bottom of the bill.

STEP 6: Lastly, fold the bottom two corners up to meet at the crease.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish 7

Flip it over and you are done.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish Complete

There you are, a nice and simple, yet still awesome, dollar bill origami fish!

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