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Dollar Bill Origami Flag (Easy 6 Step Folding Guide)

dollar bill origami flag
Updated on 11/16/23

Fold a quick and easy dollar bill origami flag in just 6 steps with this folding guide.

This flag only takes a minute or two to make and is great for a fun Fourth of July gift or an entertaining tip.

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Let’s get started!

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You will just need one dollar and the folding will start on the back of the bill.

STEP 1: Fold the bill in half lengthwise

dollar bill origami flag fold 1

Fold the dollar straight in half lengthwise.

Press the crease firmly and flip it to the side with the lower half of the face for the next step.

STEP 2: Form the flag

dollar bill origami flag fold 2

Form the face of the flag by folding a section over the front.

Make the crease so that “AMERICA” will be visible on the face of the flag.

Flip the bill over from the side for the next fold.

STEP 3: Match the left side to the top

dollar bill origami flag fold 3

Fold the left side evenly to align with the top folded crease.

Press the diagonal crease down hard to make sure everything is even.

STEP 4: Fold the long side in half

dollar bill origami flag fold 4

Make a crease in the middle of the long side to make it easier to form the pole.

Fold this longer side in half and press the creased edge.

STEP 5: Roll the long side to form the flag pole

dollar bill origami flag fold 5

Start gently rolling both halves of the long side to make a pole.

Fold the back half under the front half while rolling to make it not visible.

STEP 6: Make the flag waves

dollar bill origami flag fold 6

Make the waves in the flag by folding it over in fourths and pressing just a bit.

Now you know how to make a very simple and cool money origami flag!

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