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How to Make a Dollar Bill Origami Guitar

You can use this guide to make a sweet little dollar bill origami guitar.

This money origami can be used as a cool way to leave a tip or just be used as a creative way to gift money.

Do you know a lover of music or guitar? Well just break out a dollar bill and follow along!

If you want to practice without wasting all your fresh and crisp dollar bills, consider picking up some fake money.

Here is our favorite fake folding money for origami on Amazon.

Let's Get Started!

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We will start folding on the front of a fresh one-dollar bill.

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar Start

STEP 1: First fold the bill in half lengthwise

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 1

You can crease the fold and then unfold the dollar bill all the way again.

STEP 2: Fold both the top and bottom lengthwise to meet the middle crease

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 2.0

Try to fold these as evenly as possible and once you crease both sides you can flip the bill over.

STEP 3: Fold the bill in half from bottom to top

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 3

This fold is going to have the eagle at the front base of the guitar.

However, if you want the pyramid on the front base of the guitar then do this step with the pyramid at the top of the bill instead of the bottom.

STEP 4: Make two folds on the bottom half of the bill

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 4

First, fold the bottom to the middle half crease, and then unfold it. 

Next, fold the bottom to the crease that you just made.

STEP 5: Flip the bill over and fold it from top to bottom

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 5

Once you have creased the bill again you can flip the bill back over.

STEP 6: Fold the top of the bill to meet the crease under the fold

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 6

You can fold the flap over the top to align the crease, but for the next step, we'll be unfolding the bill.

STEP 7: Fold the middle crease from the middle to the edge of the pyramid's circle

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 7

When you make the crease you can flip the bill over.

STEP 8: Begin making the skinny part of the guitar with squash folds

First, fold from the left all the way across to the right side.

When you do this you will notice a triangle will form. This is what you need to squash down.

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 8

After the first squash fold, you repeat the same step from right to left.

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 9

STEP 9: Fold both sides to meet at the middle crease

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 10

STEP 10: Fold both sides to the middle one more time

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 11

Just remember to try and keep everything as straight as you possibly can.

STEP 11: Somewhere just below the eagle circle, fold the bill to the back

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 12

Make the fold and then flip it over to make sure it is aligned as you crease it.

STEP 12: Open the fold you made and reverse fold it into the guitar

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 13

Just imagine that you're making a fold as if everything was totally flat from the very bottom to the bottom of the letter "H" circle, then align the edges to crease it down flat.

STEP 13: Make a small squash fold from the circle to the middle of the "E"

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 14

Put your finger above where you want to make the fold, then push the lower half to squash to crease it.

STEP 14: Shape the edges of the fold you just made.

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 15

This can be a tricky part so just take your time and use your fingernails to shape this part how you want.

You can start by folding the tips of where the creases meet on the back.

If you start moving them a little you'll figure out how to shape them to where you want them to go.

STEP 15: Make two folds to shape the frets of the guitar

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 16

You can use the above line for reference or just fold where you think it looks good.

After the first fold down, hold the top folded part with your fingers so you can make a little bend back on the tip.

STEP 16: Put the final shaping touches on your guitar

On the back, you can widen the top tip to give it a better shape.

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar 17

Then you can try to round the edges all around the base of the guitar to your preference.

This part can take some time. On this guitar, I used the eagle circle as a basis for the shape as you can see.

Just keep folding back the edges until it looks good to you!

Dollar Bill Origami Guitar Complete

Now you know how to make an awesome dollar bill guitar!

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pamela s
3 months ago

These step-by-step visuals are much better for this piece than online videos were. I found this site after getting stuck repeatedly at what are Steps 13-14 here. The helpful comment "start moving [the tips] a'll figure out how to shape them to where you want them to go" got me past the snag. Took a while of manipulating the fold, but suddenly everything slipped into place and, voila!, I had a guitar! Thank you thank you!

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