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Money Origami Letter A [Easy Dollar Folding Guide]

dollar bill origami letter a
Updated on 04/15/24

This guide shows how to fold the letter “A” from a one-dollar bill step-by-by step.

With these money origami letter tutorials, you can spell a name for fun, or as a part of a gift.

Folding the letter A is easy for beginners and should only take a few minutes.

Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Fold the bill in half lengthwise

folding dollar in half

Half the dollar bill, give the edge a nice crease, and then unfold it.

It doesn’t matter which side you start with, but step two will start on the back side of the bill.

STEP 2: Start folding the bill in sixths

folding dollar bill in sixths 1

Fold the lower half into three sections. The first fold crease will be close to the center of the words “ONE DOLLAR”

The second fold will be even to the center crease made in step 1.

Make sure to thoroughly rub the edges of each fold to keep everything as flat as possible.

STEP 3: Finish folding the bill into one sixth

folding dollar bill in sixths 2

Fold the other half of the bill in three sections as shown.

The first fold will go to touch the edge of the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” as a reference point.

The next fold is easier as you just need to go to the initial center crease.

Lastly, fold the bill on the center point to finish getting the bill into one-sixth.

STEP 4: Fold a section of the bill under and out

dollar bill origami letter a step 4

Form the basic A-frame by making a slightly diagonal crease as shown. 

Fold the bill underneath and spread it to get it even.

Don’t worry too much if your folds don’t look perfect as you can adjust the folds later if needed.

STEP 5: Even up the right side with a simple fold

dollar origami letter a step 5

Look at where it would be even to make a crease and fold the right side up on itself.

Make sure the edges of all folds are pressed flat to help them stay at the end.

STEP 6: Make the middle line with a diagonal fold

dollar origami letter a step 6

Make a slanted fold on the right part from the last step, and bend it straight over.

This fold may take some manipulation to get it to your liking.

You can make some more adjustments after the next step.

STEP 7: Tuck in the middle and even everything

dollar origami letter a last step

Simply take the middle part and tuck it into the left side to hide the edge

If your fold wasn’t quite up to par, you can go back and even certain folds to make it look better.

That’s how you fold a money origami letter A!

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Happy Folding!