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How to Fold Dollar Bill Origami Pants in 8 EASY Steps

Learning to fold this pair of dollar bill origami pants is easy and quick with this money origami folding tutorial.

Folding dollar origami is fun to learn, and these dollar bill pants are a great companion to the origami dollar bill shirt and tie.

Let's Get Started!

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Start with the front of a fresh dollar bill.

Dollar Bill Origami Pants Start

STEP 1: Fold the bill lengthwise from the bottom to the top

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 1

Once you make the crease, you can then unfold the bill.

STEP 2: Fold both the top and bottom lengthwise to meet the middle crease

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 2

STEP 3: Fold the bill in half from top to bottom

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 3

STEP 4: Fold corners of the closed side into a point

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 4

Use the middle crease as you fold the corners to meet there.

You then flip the bill over.

STEP 5: Bend the points to the other side to crease them

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 5

Once you have bent the points to this other side and made the crease, you can unfold them.

STEP 6: Stand the bill up and fold the middle in to make points

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 6

STEP 7: From here you turn the whole thing inside out

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 7

It will go from having both points out to them both being flat within.

STEP 8: Stand the bill up, rotate it once, and squeeze the middle

Dollar Bill Origami Pants 8

You can now squash the pants flat and crease as necessary to make them even.

Dollar Bill Origami Pants Completed

There you are, a nice and easy way to fold a little pair of money pants!

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