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Dollar Bill Origami Star: Easy Fold Guide

dollar bill origami star
Updated on 12/30/23

Learn to fold a 5 or 6-pointed money origami star from one-dollar bills with this step-by-step guide.

This is a beginner-level fold that looks harder to fold than it actually is.

You are making the same folds on all of the bills, so it takes time but is not super difficult.

Let’s get started!

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This fold will require 5 or 6 one-dollar bills depending on how many points you want.

five one dollar bills

You can always make a 5 pointed star and easily add another point to it later.

We will start on the front side of the first one-dollar bill.

dollar bill

STEP 1: Fold the bill in half lengthwise

Dollar Bill Origami Star 1

Once you have made the crease, you can unfold it.

STEP 2: On the right side, fold the corners to the middle crease 

Dollar Bill Origami Star 2

Fold it paper airplane style with the tips meeting the middle crease.

STEP 3: Fold the top tip down to the line shown

Dollar Bill Origami Star 3

Bring the top tip down to where it’s barely touching the circle around the letter.

You can flip the bill over after you crease it.

STEP 4: Fold the top corners to the middle crease

Dollar Bill Origami Star 4

On this side, fold it to the middle crease to make a point.

STEP 5: Fold the corners to the middle crease again

Dollar Bill Origami Star 5

Fold it paper airplane style again.

Once you have creased it again, you will flip it over.

STEP 6: Fold the flat edge under the diamond point

Dollar Bill Origami Star 6

Simply bring it down as far as you can under the diamond point.

Crease it well and prepare to make the same fold two more times

STEP 7: Fold the bill in half under point twice

Dollar Bill Origami Star 7

STEP 8: Repeat steps 1-7 until you have at least 5 points

Dollar Bill Origami Star 8

Once you have five or six points made, you can start to put the star together.

STEP 9: Assemble the pieces into the star

Dollar Bill Origami Star 9a

Start with two folded points on the non-pyramid side.

Simply slide one of the flaps in the pocket as shown and then flip them both over.

Dollar Bill Origami Star 9b

At this point, you can lift up the diamond part so that you can insert the other flap in.

It will take a little wiggling and bending, but it is pretty easy once you figure it out.

Dollar Bill Origami Star 9c

Repeat the process until you have 5 or 6 points attached based on your preference.

Dollar Bill Origami Star 9d

The last two connections will be the hardest, but it is the exact same style you did the rest.

Just partially put one flap in and bend and twist them until you can slide them both in.

5 Pointed Dollar Bill Origami Star

Now you know how to fold a dollar into a money origami star!

6 Pointed Dollar Bill Origami Star

Happy Folding!

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