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Dollar Bill Origami Ring: Easy 10 Steps

This origami dollar bill ring is pretty easy to make and it looks awesome!

Impress your friends with your money origami skills by making them this sweet gift.

Here are ten steps to make your own wearable money ring.

Let's Begin!
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Start with the backside of a fresh dollar bill!

Dollar Bill Ring 1

STEP 1: Make a fold at the top border line.

Dollar Bill Ring 2

The first fold is an easy one on the top borderline of the bill.

STEP 2: Flip over, and fold in half tucking under the flap.

Dollar Bill Ring 3

On the other side of the bill, tuck it under the flap and crease the bill in half.

STEP 3: Fold it in half one more time over the flap.

Dollar Bill Ring 4

Make another half fold this time over the flap instead of tucking it in.

STEP 4: Fold on the back left borderline of the bill.

Dollar Bill Ring 5

On the backside with the writing facing up, make a fold on the leftmost borderline.

STEP 5: Make the front of the ring.

Dollar Bill Ring 6

Picture the square front of the ring, and fold it.

STEP 6: Fold the right part up to between the "o" and "f".

Dollar Bill Ring 7

On the back of the bill, fold the right part up to the middle of the word "of".

STEP 7: Line up the front of the ring with the back.

Dollar Bill Ring 8

Take the back of the fold you made and line it up with the front of the ring you folded earlier.

STEP 8: Open the front of the ring and fold the top flap down.

Dollar Bill Ring 9

Simply fold the top flap over the actual ring and under the face of the ring.

STEP 9: Tuck in the front of the ring over the last fold.

Dollar Bill Ring 10

Tuck the front over the last fold you made and do your best to keep everything straight.

STEP 10: Flip the ring over and put the flap through the ring.

Dollar Bill Rings 11

Fold the flap through the ring as tightly as you can.

STEP 11: Tuck the last flap in tight.

Dollar Bill Ring 12

You can use something like a pen or a pencil and your fingernail to tuck the last flap into the top of the ring tightly.

Dollar Bill Ring 13

That's it you now have a dollar bill ring!

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