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How to Make an Easy Origami Fish [Folding Instructions]

easy origami fish
Updated on 02/24/24

Follow the instructions in this guide to learn how to make an easy origami fish in just a few minutes!

This paper fish is a simple project that is great for kids and only has seven steps.

You can draw on the fish to decorate it with eyes and other colors when you’re done to continue the fun.

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Let’s start folding the Easy Origami Fish!

For this tutorial, you will need just one sheet of square origami paper.

You can easily cut regular paper into a square if you don’t have any square paper on hand.

1. Fold the paper in half from the points

easy origami fish fold 1

Match the bottom point to the upper one and press down to make a good crease.

2. Bring the lower points together to make a tiny crease

easy origami fish fold 2

Fold the paper in half temporarily so you can make a little center crease.

Unfold this step after you make the small fold at the bottom.

This crease will be a reference point for some of the next folds.

3. Fold the top point to the bottom edge

easy origami fish fold 3

Use the crease made in step 2 as a guide to fold the upper point to the bottom edge center.

4. Fold both top edges to meet at the center

easy origami fish fold 4

Bend and fold the top edges to meet at the center of the paper.

Take your time to get them as evenly as possible.

Flip over the paper after completing this step.

5. Bring the outer edges to the center on this side

easy origami fish fold 5

Fold the outer edges in so the top is just touching that little center crease made in step 2.

These folds are at a slightly different angle, but it is basically the same process as the last step.

6. Fold the bottom edges inward at an angle

easy origami fish fold 06

Start by folding the right flap over to the point where it meets the diagonal edge on the left.

Before folding the left flap over to the right, bring it over the first flap you folded.

7. Unfold the left side and tuck in the corner flap

easy origami fish fold 7

After opening the left side, push the little corner piece through and out the other side.

You may have to do it as you fold it back down to get it even.

Flatten it nice and evenly, and you have your easy origami fish!

easy origami fish complete
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Happy Folding!