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How to Make an Easy Origami Jet Plane

origami jet plane
Updated on 05/08/24

Here is an easy origami jet plane that can be folded quickly and looks awesome!

Sadly this one does not fly that well, but this guide shows you how to make it in 10 steps with detailed instructions.

This is definitely a beginner-level fold and requires a G4 or regular-sized piece of paper.

Let’s get folding!

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1. Fold it in half widthwise

origami jet plane step 1

Start off with a nice hamburger-style fold directly in half to make a nice crease.

Once you have rubbed the crease, unfold it for the next step.

2. Fold two length side corners to the crease

origami jet plane step 2

With the paper normal side up, fold both right edges to the newly made center crease.

Be sure to crease the fold well and rub each fold that is made a few times.

3. Fold the opposite side corners to the center

origami jet plane step 3

Fold the other corners in so that the top and bottom edges meet the previous folds.

Remember the crease the edges well to keep everything straight and even.

4. Fold the left side over the right

origami jet plane step 4

Bring the left side over the right, making the crease in the middle.

Match the outer edges evenly to keep a nice straight triangle.

5. Bring both bottom points to meet at the top

origami jet plane step 5

Fold the corners one at a time to meet at the top point.

The bottom edges will meet together evenly at the middle crease.

6. Fold the two tips to the center

origami jet plane step 6

Flip the paper over to where the folded flaps are underneath and the crease is vertical.

Fold the left and right tips to the centerline and crease the edges firmly.

7. Fold it in half along the crease

origami jet plane step 7

Fold the paper in half evenly from left to right.

Press all edges firmly before moving on to the next step.

8. Start forming the wings of the plane

origami jet plane step 8

Fold the top layer in half diagonally.

Make sure to crease in evenly as shown so it looks symmetrical.

9. Fold the second airplane wing

origami jet plane step 9

Flip it over and make a similar fold to match the other wing.

Make the diagonal half-fold to mirror the other side. 

10. Form the tail of the jet plane

origami jet plane step 10

Pull the last unfolded middle tip towards you and squeeze it together to make the tail.

Now you know how to make a simple origami jet plane!

Happy Folding!