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How to Make An Easy Origami Star

easy origami star
Updated on 01/31/24

Follow this guide to fold an easy origami star in just 8 quick steps.

Anyone can make this paper star in just 3-5 minutes with these detailed instructions.

You can decorate or draw on it when you are finished to add your own personal touch.

Let’s get folding!

This star design is super simple but requires two pieces of square origami paper.

If you need some square paper but don’t have any, you can make regular paper square.

easy origami star paper

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1. Fold the paper in half from point to point

easy origami star fold 1

Crease the paper in half from point to point.

2. Fold the upper flap to the closed edge of the paper

easy origami star fold 2

After you have made the fold and creased it well, flip the whole thing over.

3. Fold the paper in half again from point to point

easy origami star fold 3

Fold the paper in half once more from point to point.

4. Open the right flap and fold it down symmetrically

easy origami star fold 4

Carefully open up the right side and fold it down as evenly as possible.

Now we will move on to the second piece of paper for the few last steps.

5. Fold the second paper in half from point to point

easy origami star fold 5

Just like with the first paper, the initial step is simply folding it in half.

6. Fold the paper directly in half once again

easy origami star fold 6

Crease this fold well and you are done folding the second part of the star.

7. Put the two pieces together to form the star

easy origami star fold 7

Put the smaller piece evenly into the middle of the bigger one to complete the star.

Tape the two pieces together and you have your easy origami star!

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Happy Folding!