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How to Fold An Easy Origami Swan

easy origami swan
Updated on 01/22/24

Here is a quick guide for folding an easy origami swan in 8 simple steps.

If you are new or an experienced folder we have you covered with detailed instructions and pictures.

This is a fold that is great for beginners and can be completed within 5-7 minutes.

Let’s get folding!

In this tutorial, I used paper that is colored on one side, but any square origami paper will work just fine.

If you need square paper but don’t have any on hand, you can easily cut regular paper into a square.

Whatever side you start folding on will be the secondary color that doesn’t show as much.

1. Fold the paper in half from point to point

origami swan folds 1

Once you have creased the paper, unfold it again for the next step.

2. Fold the two lower edges to the center line

origami swan fold 2

Start with the crease you made in step one straight up and down.

Bring the lower edges to that line and make sure they are creased well.

Once you are done, flip the whole thing over for step 3.

Origami 101: At this point you have folded the origami kite base which is one of the main origami base folds! Learn more about origami bases here.

3. Bring the outer edges to the center

origami swan fold 3

4. Fold the skinny point to the top

origami swan fold 4

Crease each fold well after completion.

5. Fold the top center tip down to make the head

origami swan fold 5

Bring that top skinny tip down to form the swan head.

The further you fold it down the bigger the head will be based on your preference.

6. Fold the swan in completely in half

origami swan fold 6

Simply flatten the swan and fold the whole thing directly in half to shape it.

Both the skinny head and the body will be folded completely in half.

7. Move the neck of the swan forward and crease

origami swan fold 7

In this step, you are simply moving the neck and head of the swan away from the body.

You will have to crease where the neck meets the body again to get it to stay where you want.

8. Open up the swan for the finishing touches

origami swan fold 8

At this point, you just open it up and make any shaping adjustment you want.

You can fold the wings out or draw on but now you have a simple but sweet little swan!

origami swan final

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Happy Folding!