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Game Face Trion Review (Bought & Tested)

game face trion blaster review
Updated on 11/16/23

The Game Face Trion is a foam dart blaster that shoots half-length Nerf-style foam darts. However, this is a toy gun that everyone should take a closer look at because it is taking Nerf to the next level.

I will say it upfront, the Trion is one of the best Nerf guns you can buy right now.

In this article, we will take a really close look at it, explain each feature, and help you know exactly what to expect before buying one.

I bought this blaster with my own money and tested it thoroughly to give you my best-unbiased buying opinion.

Key Features of the Trion

Let’s begin by looking closely at the features of the Game Face Trion Blaster!

game face trion features labeled
  • Powerful spring-powered blaster
  • Included spring spacers to customize power (140 – 220 FPS!)
  • Smooth fast-firing with slam-fire
  • Removable front grip and easy screw-on barrel
  • MLOK cut holes for modern attachment compatibility
  • Adjustable/removable stock
  • Includes 15 half-length darts and one magazine
  • Available in two colors (Teal and Red)

Review of Game Face Trion

I put the Nexus Pro through our 7-point testing review, to get this rating.


Design & Ergonomics9.5
Ammo & Loading9.5
Firing & Rate of Fire9.5
Accuracy & Consistency9.5
FPS & Range10
Reliability & Durability9.3
Fun & Value9.5


  • Custom Power Options (150-220+ FPS)
  • Easy Maintenence and Customization
  • Performs well with Slam fire
  • Great visual design and ergonomics
  • Very mod friendly
  • Fair price for performance


  • Prime is a little stiffer than normal Nerf
  • Loud clicky trigger
  • Can have minor firing issues until broken in

Design & Ergonomics: 9.5/10

This blaster from Game Face has a very modern look and feel with notable features like MLOK rail compatibility and a flat-face trigger. The MLOK cut holes allow your more exact placement for attachments.

The Picatinny rails are not compatible with Nerf attachments, but there aren’t any I would want to use on this one anyways. This is again a higher-level blaster, that would knock any Nerf blaster out of the park.

The adjustable stock and sights are so ridiculously easy to use and instantly adjust to find the right feel. If I had a choice I would prefer it to include a vertical grip instead, but the angled grip looks good and causes no real inconvenience. A vertical grip would surely help with the prime strength in longer battles while using two spacers.

Adding or removing the spring spacers is a breeze because it requires no tools. You simply take off the stock with the adjustor button and use your palm to push and twist out the orange guide rod holding the spring. Next, you just put the spacers on the guide rod before adding the spring and reinserting.

game face trion spring spacers

Ammo and Loading: 9.5/10

The Game Face Trion includes 15 Game Face Half Length darts which get the job done. However, I would recommend getting better darts eventually. These fly straight enough but could be more durable. I damaged and destroyed a few darts using the double spacers at the higher power during the testing process.

This is actually fairly common with higher-powered blasters like this one. You can see my ammo-buying options and recommendations below.

This included magazine is very high quality and I have no complaints. If you are looking to grab another, or upgrade the capacity, the Trion is compatible with Worker Talon mags. The mag release is solid and makes for speedy reloads.

Firing and Rate of Fire: 9.5/10

It fires impressively with slam-fire, with little to no FPS drop-off. How can you beat good 200+ FPS slam-fire? I didn’t have one issue with jamming while slamming it.

There is a minor know issue of it not firing after a prime, but there are a few things you can do right away to help. The makers say in some cases it just needs to be broken with after some good use to resolve the issue.

I had the issue of the Trion not firing occasionally with both spacers in, and this is how you fix it:

  • Remove the magazine (unless you want to fire two darts at once)
  • Press up the deprime switch
  • Pull the priming handle back to you
  • Pull the trigger to deprime
  • Move the priming handle back forwards
  • Prime and fire

Note: Running no spacers or one spacer is probably the best choice anyways.

Also, keep in mind that its stronger spring means a tougher prime, so your arm may wear out in a long battle.

Accuracy and Consistency: 9.5/10

There aren’t many blasters you can compare this to at this caliber of power. It has about as good of accuracy as you can get at this price range. There are also a few ways to make it even better.

After firing a few hundred shots, here are my accuracy-based takeaways:

  1. The accuracy will impress you: Unless you have had a powerful blaster like this before, there is no standard Nerf guns that really compares
  2. One spacer is the sweet spot: It shoots harder with each additional spacer, but I worry about wear and tear of darts using both spacers. You gain some FPS with the second spacer but one is really plenty.
  3. The Trion is highly accurate up to 40 feet: With one or two spacers in, you should be able to hit a head-size target about 7 out of 10 times. It has much better range than this, but this I am talking about it’s max with high accuracy. Anything person out of cover within 40 feet will get hit.
  4. A little less consistent with two spacers: I got better accuracy with two spacers in general, but also more wild outliers. Once in a while darts fall short or shoot wide, and this seemed most common with both spacers in.

For the best possible accuracy, consider picking up some bamboo short darts. There are definitely more durable darts that also provide more consistent power and range.

FPS and Range: 10/10

The best feature of this blaster is the adjustable power. I explained it before, but it literally takes a few seconds to pop the spring out and add spacers. With or without spacers, this is a powerhouse.

Here is what you can expect when it comes to feet-per-second dart speed:

  • No Spacers: 140+ FPS
  • One Spacer: 180+ FPS
  • Both Spacers: Up to 220+ FPS

This crazy feet-per-second speed puts the Trion in the realm of the Caliburn which is one of the most powerful Nerf guns you can get. The Caliburn is impressive in its own way, but about three times the cost of this one.

The Trion is one of the only non-3D printed blasters that has easy-to-change custom range and FPS options. You can always get a more powerful spring too, if you really think you need more!

Reliability and Durability 9.3/10

This blaster is relatively new, but it held up to my testing with no major issues. I won’t give it a perfect score because as I mentioned it wouldn’t fire occasionally with both spacers in.

While it feels durable, I am interested to see how it holds up long-term, as it just has so much power.

Fun and Value: 10/10

The Trion has a lot to offer. I like modding and playing with different attachments, and this one is really simple for basic attachment mods.

While the $80 price tag can seem high to some, it is just slightly above the average $60-70 higher-performance competitors. For example, Nerf Rival blasters are the best performers for the name brand. They can cost even more than the Trion but aren’t in the same league for range and power.

I won’t say it will be the most fun for everyone though, so check out some comparable blasters below to be sure this is the right choice for you.

Final Verdict

game face trion dar blaster nerf

I give this a 9.5 of out 10 as it is simply top-of-the-line right now as far as easy-to-use high performing foam blasters go.

While researching this blaster, most of the reviews I have seen and read recommend this as a must-buy for those looking for an outdoor Nerf blaster. Game Face is making a case for becoming one of the top alternatives to the Nerf brand.

It is fun and unique without totally breaking the bank. I can see other brands adapting to include spacers or eventually making it even easier to switch up the power.

The Trion will definitely make its presence known on the field for quite some time. Just be sure to wear some eye protection and remember this is not a great recommendation for kids under 14. I have this as one of the current best Nerf guns for adults.

Versions and Where to Buy the Game Face Trion

The Game Face Trion can currently be bought at Walmart, Out of Darts as well as on the Game Face site itself.

Game Face Trion Blaster Accessories

Nerf Guns Like the Trion

If you are thinking about buying a Trion you might want to first compare it to similar blasters.

Here are a few Nerf guns similar to the Game Face Trion:

  • Adventure Force Nexus Pro (Walmart): Shoots both full and half-length darts. Shoots about the same at the Trion’s lowest FPS option. It is thicker and has clearly cheaper parts.
  • Dart Zone Tomcat (Target): A high-performance blaster that shoots up to 150 FPS and has a 50-round short dart drum.
  • Dart Zone MK3 (Amazon): An flywheel blaster that shoots both half and full-length darts. It has semi and automatic firing settings while launching darts at up to 150 FPS
  • 3D Printed Nerf guns: If you are ready to dive into the realm of high-performance dart blasters, I would definitely take a look at high-quality 3D printed blasters. They offer much more customization options and some very impressive designs.

Happy Nerfing!