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Whether you like it or not, this world is a caffeine-fueled one.

90% of the world consumes it in some form through food or drink.

Caffeine Guides and Articles!


What is Caffeine? 15 Health Benefits and Risks

Caffeine is consumed by most of the world everyday.

What is caffeine, and what does it do to your body?

Is it good or is it bad for you?

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The Fascinating History of Caffeine

From the Aztecs to the Nazis, the history of caffeine is truly a fascinating one.

The world has enjoyed the caffeine since before recorded history and ever since its natural discovery, caffeine has grown to be one of the world’s most popular stimulants.

Let’s take a look at the amazing history of caffeine!
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How to Get Caffeine Out of Your Body

How to Get Caffeine Out of Your System: 8 Great Ideas

The caffeine jitters can hit hard and fast.

The effects of too much caffeine can be miserable and even seem unbearable.

Find out the best ways to manage your caffeine intake and get it out of your body faster.

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Caffeine Experiments

5 Strange Caffeine Experiments We Can Learn From

We all have our own personal caffeine experiments daily as we sip on our coffee, tea, and soda just waiting for that sweet nectar to do its magic.

While the benefits of caffeine are well-known, something a little less known is that there have been some crazy experiments done with caffeine on both humans and animals.

Check out these five wild caffeine experiments that will drop your jaw and help you learn a little more about the world’s favorite stimulant!
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Caffeine Products

20 Weird Caffeine Products That People Actually Buy

Is comes to no surprise that caffeine products are becoming more and more popular by the day.

People just want to cram the benefits of caffeine into every product known to man but some are clearly better than others.

Here are 20 weird caffeine products that people actually buy!
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Caffeine Tolerance

Caffeine Tolerance: Causes, Symptoms, and Facts

Caffeine tolerance is a term used to describe how continual consumption of caffeine over time can change or lessen the effect it has on a person.

This term is often mistaken to have the same meaning as caffeine sensitivity, which is the degree to which caffeine naturally affects a person.

While caffeine tolerance can be increased or decreased by changing how much we consume, caffeine sensitivity is based more on genetic factors out of our control.

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