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How to Pick a Diary Lock (2 Easy Methods)

So you've lost the key to your diary—no judgment here.

Fear not, in this guide we'll cover two ways to open a dairy lock without a key using a paperclip and bobby pin.

If you do not have a paperclip or a bobby pin, you can improvise using other similar materials such as stiff wire or pen clips.

Let's get to it!

Determining Your Type of Lock

There are a few different types of diary locks that you'll find out in the world safeguarding the secrets of the youth.

However, the most popular type of lock used on diaries is the warded lock—such as the one you see below.

diary lock

If the keyhole of your lock doesn't look like the image above, this guide likely will not help you. But, if it uses a traditional key, such as those used on your front door, our pin tumbler lock picking guide may be able to help you out!

But, if it does look like the image above, then you're in luck, as these types of locks are straightforward to open.

Now when it comes to picking warded locks, the secret lies in mimicking the action of the key. So basically, if we can create a tool that acts similar to the key, we can use it just like a key.

An example of a warded dairy lock key can be seen in the image below.

diary lock key

However, we don't actually need to mimic the entire key for basic warded locks; we only need to mimic the tip—which makes things a lot easier.

So let's get to it and create our makeshift diary lock key!

How to Pick a Diary Lock With a Paperclip

The first way to create a makeshift key for a dairy lock is with a paperclip and pliers.

If you are crafty, you may be able to do this without pliers, but it will be much harder.

Here are the steps to pick a diary lock with a paperclip:

Step 1: Crimp the fat end of the paperclip

Pull the skinny inside section of the paperclip away from the fatter end and squeeze the big end with pliers until it is small enough to fit into the keyway. You can always make it smaller, so try not to make it too tight right away. You should have something similar to the image below.

diary lock paperclip lockpick

Step 2: Stick the crimped end into the keyhole.

Next, stick the crimped side of the paperclip into the keyway until it stops on the back of the keyhole.

Step 3: Rotate the paperclip clockwise.

Finally, rotate the paperclip clockwise—right—just as you would when using a key. If the crimped end of the paperclip is the correct size, the lock will open. However, if the crimp is too small, the paperclip will slip as you rotate it and you'll need to make your crimp larger.

That's it! You've just picked your first dairy lock!

How to Pick a Diary Lock With a Bobby Pin

Bobby pins are a wonderful tool that can do so many more things than simply hold hair. They can pick handcuffs, deadbolts, and, as we're about to see, dairy locks!

Bobby pins are the perfect tool against a small warded diary lock and most times require no additional bends, crimping, or tools.

Here are the steps to pick a diary lock with a bobby pin:

Step 1: Insert the round end of the bobby pin into the keyhole

Begin by inserting the round end of the bobby pin all the way into the keyway of the lock. Keep pushing until you feel the back of the lock.

If it does fit, you'll need to use pliers to crimp it down. But don't crimp it too much, just enough to fit into the keyhole.

diary lock bobby pin lockpick

Step 2: Rotate the bobby pin clockwise.

Twist your bobby pin clockwise—right—until the lock pops open! Easy enough!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, opening a dairy lock without a key isn't a difficult task at all.

In this guide, we learned two ways to pick a diary lock using everyday objects such as paperclips and bobby pins.

However, the journey doesn't end there!

If you would like to learn more about lock picking, be sure to check out our growing archive of lock picking guides. It truly is an addictive craft and one that could someday find useful.

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