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7 Money Origami Animal Tutorials | DIY Dollar Bill Origami

money origami animals
Updated on 03/04/24

This is a collection of money origami animal folding tutorials with instructions that show exactly how to fold each design step-by-step.

Dollar bill origami is a fun hobby that involves folding dollar bills into awesome designs that can be used as creative gifts or just to put on display.

If you have seen any of these dollar origami animals before, you may realize this can be an addicting little hobby.

These are listed in order by the difficulty of folding, with the easiest first and moving to the more advanced folds.

Dollar Bill Fish

money origami animal fish

First up is the fish, which is my personal favorite because it is so simple and can be folded quickly.

The folding guide has six easy-to-follow steps to help you learn and remember this one for a cool little trick.

This is the easiest money origami design, perfect for folding to leave as a tip or to slip into a birthday card.

This money fish can be folded in about 1-2 minutes, even if you haven’t folded origami before.

Learn how to make this fish by following the money origami fish tutorial that also includes a YouTube video!

Dollar Bill Cat

money origami animal cat

How could you not fall in love with a face like that?

This dollar cat isn’t that hard to fold(easy-intermediate), and giving it to someone could definitely brighten someone’s day.

The instructional guide has 12 detailed steps that should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Learn how to fold this by following the step-by-step money origami cat tutorial!

Dollar Bill Jumping Frog

money origami animal frog

The dollar jumping frog is a cool origami design that does pop up when you press down on the back and let go.

This can be folded flat to fit in an envelope and makes a great gift for kids.

Making the frog is mostly easy but has some intermediate-level folds.

The folding guide has 14 steps and will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Learn to fold this with the help of our money origami frog tutorial!

Dollar Bill Butterfly

money origami animal butterfly

The dollar butterfly is an awesome design that is pretty cool to know how to fold.

This project is an intermediate-level fold that might take beginners a little longer.

The guide has 12 steps, and it will probably take at least 10-15 minutes to fold your first one.

Learn how to fold this by following the money origami butterfly tutorial!

Dollar Bill Elephant

money origami animal elephant

The elephant is one of the best-looking designs and is worth the time and effort it takes to make.

Besides being a unique gift for an animal lover, this elephant will impress anyone.

This is certainly an intermediate-advanced level fold that you will want to take your time with.

However, the guide is extremely detailed, with 20 steps that will likely take 20-30+ minutes to follow.

Learn how to fold this by following the money origami elephant tutorial!

Dollar Bill Bat

money origami animal bat

Make a spooky bat for someone who has a Halloween month birthday or for a fun trick or treat surprise.

This dollar bat will is mostly easy with a few folds that take a bit more effort.

The folding guide for this one will take about 5-7 minutes to complete.

Learn how to make this by following the money origami bat tutorial!

Dollar Bill Dog

money origami animal dog

The last and most difficult fold is the dog, but it is definitely a fun challenge.

This is another design that makes an amazing gift, whether with a one-dollar or a bigger bill.

You should expect your patience to be challenged with this one, but it definitely can be done.

At 23 steps, this is one of the longest guides to help you make this yourself.

Learn how to fold this with our money origami dog tutorial!

Final Thoughts

These origami money animals are definitely worth trying, and believe me, if I can fold these, you can too!

If you want to start folding money origami but don’t want to wrinkle up all your bill, you can always pick up some fake money.

Another option is to cut regular paper to the dimensions of a dollar bill (6.14 x 2.61 inches).

We also have many more animal folding instructions in our collection of regular origami guides.

Happy Folding!