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Day trading is buying or selling an asset, such as stocks, in a short period of time.

The goal of day trading is to get in and our of the market quickly by taking advantage of fast moving stock prices. Day trading is short term investing.

The idea of day trading stocks for some fast cash, or even as a career, is growing fast. The dream of making money at home while still in your pajamas is one that isn’t easy to let go of.

The reality is, however, it isn’t ever as easy as it seems. While there are many successful day traders, the truth is that most fail long term.

This doesn’t mean you are destined to fail, and shouldn’t try. It just means you should know that day trading takes real work and research if you want to succeed.

Day Trading Guides and Articles!


How to Start Day Trading For Beginners: 10 Steps

An outline of 10 steps to learn how to day trade for beginners. This article outlines where to begin and how to continue on the path to becoming a successful day trader.

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The 5 Best Day Trading Strategies

Learning day trading strategies is a crucial part of becoming a profitable day trader.

What exactly is a day trading strategy? How do you develop a day trading strategy and test it?

This article covers 5 of the best day trading strategies and patterns that are used daily in the stock market.

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20 Ideas for Trading Risk Management

Learning trading risk management can be the key to becoming a profitable trader.

Risk management is important in every aspect of out lives.

Learn to identify the risks a day trader faces, and how to eliminate them.

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Is Day Trading Gambling? An Honest Look

Many people believe that day trading is just gambling. What do you think?

We take a honest look at this question in this article. Check out the similarities and differences of day trading and gambling.

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5 Ways to Find A Stock to Day Trade

Finding stocks to day trade is a critical skill to learn as a day trader.

It can seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are five easy ways to make finding stocks to day trade a lot easier.

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More About Day Trading

How Does Day Trading Work?

Day traders make money by buying and selling securities at different prices. People use trading brokers to place these trades.

Day trading means you are not holding positions for long periods of time. A day trader usually makes multiple trades within a day.

There are two basic ways day traders make money:

GOING LONG– Buying a stock anticipating that it increases in value is called going long. Most day traders go long on stocks.

SHORTING– Selling a stock anticipating that it decreases in value is called shorting. Shorting is less common because it is not as easy to understand and do.

Traders use tools like technical analysis to predict movements in stock prices. The preferred goal of day trading is to take advantage of quick price movements in the market.

Is Day Trading Hard?

It is not hard to get started and actually make a trade, but it is difficult to consistently make money day trading.

It is like you have heard before if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.

When you make money in the market it is coming out of the pocket of others in the market. It is hard because you are not only trading against other beginners, but also experienced professionals.

Is Day Trading Right For You?

Day trading is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of risk involved in day trading. It takes quite a bit of time to learn and to grow as a trader.

Anyone can make money in the market, but the harder goal is to make money on a consistent basis. A little luck here are there is nice, but there is a lot of skill and discipline required.

If you want to become a successful day trader you have to be willing to put some the work in. The hardest part of any goal is that there are no guarantees.

That being said, it can be extremely exciting and rewarding as well. You don’t have to risk a ton of money, and you can can have a lot of fun doing it.


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