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Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8 Review (Bought & Tested)

nerf elite 2.0 trailblazer rd 8 review
Updated on 11/16/23

The Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8 “Wild Edition” was released in early 2022, and I had to get my hands on it to try it out.

There are only two Nerf revolvers with an eight-dart capacity, and this one is a beauty.

The Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8 is a revolver-style blaster with an 8-dart rotating drum. It features a hammer-action priming handle that allows for one-handed operation. The gun includes 16 color-matching Elite darts and has a tactical rail to upgrade it with attachments.

In this guide, we will check out the features of the Trailblazer to help you understand the pros and cons of getting one.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I purchased the gun with my own money.

Key Features of the Nerf Trailblazer

Let’s begin by looking at the detailed features of the Trailblazer!

nerf trailblazer features
  • An awesome-looking spring-powered Nerf revolver
  • Fires Nerf elite darts at up to 70 FPS (feet per second)
  • Has an 8-dart capacity drum, which is more than other Nerf revolvers
  • Includes 16 Nerf Elite darts that match the color scheme
  • Can be completely operated with one hand, so you can hold another gun or flag

Review of Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8 Blaster

I put the Nerf Trailblazer through a 7-point review, which can be found below.

I’ve decided this is a smooth-operating revolver with very few downsides. The one-handed operation and 8-dart capacity make it a reliable sidearm. I would prefer the tactical rail to be on top, and don’t see a reason not to throw a sling mount on the grip.


Design & Ergonomics9
Ammo & Loading8.5
Firing & Rate of Fire8
Accuracy & Consistency7.5
FPS & Range8
Reliability & Durability8
Fun & Value9
nerf elite 2.0 trailblazer rd 8


  • Comfortable revolver design
  • 8-round ammo capacity
  • Includes 16 Elite darts
  • It can be operated with one-hand
  • Tactical rail on bottom for attachments
  • Sleek design and color


  • No sling mount
  • No tactical rail on top
  • Slightly small grip

Design & Ergonomics: 9/10

The Trailblazer has one of the coolest color and gun line designs I’ve seen in a while. The blue and light blue combination is pretty snazzy.

At first glance, the left side of the gun looks like they forgot to add a section. However, once you start loading the blaster, you realize why they did it. There is no plastic covering the left side of the rotating drum to help with loading.

Comparing the size to other revolvers, it is a bit longer than both the Nerf Hammershot and Hammerstorm. The Trailblazer does still feel just as lightweight.

Ammo and Loading: 8.5/10

The standard Elite darts have average performance, of course, but it’s nice to get some with unique colors. They included 16 darts, which is also a hefty amount for a pistol of this style.

Revolvers without pop-out cylinders can sometimes be slow to load, but this one isn’t too bad. The barrels are closer together, and the darts are a tight fit.

The best way to load this is on the left side of the gun, where the drum is more accessible. Four chambers can be loaded at a time, but with two quick rotations, you can access the others.

nerf trailblazer rotating drum

Firing and Rate of Fire: 8/10

You can expect smooth firing and operation with the Trailblazer. Even those with smaller hands can operate this dart blaster with one hand. It might be a little stretch for some, and the hammer is a bit harder to prime than you might think.

Using just one hand to fire this makes me want to pick up another one for my other hand. While fanning the hammer isn’t efficient, it is also enjoyable. It can be fired much more quickly with both hands, and has a real nice feel when you do.

The one-handed firing makes also makes this an ideal blaster for Nerf game modes like capture the flag.

Accuracy and Consistency: 7.5/10

This stock blaster has the average performance that you would expect. Standard Nerf darts aren’t meant for perfect shooting. You can hit a person-sized target consistently with 15-20 feet.

Every few shots, you will get a wild one that veers off course a bit. The only way to naturally improve the accuracy is by using some Nerf Elite AccuStrike darts.

FPS and Range: 7.5/10

This blue bombshell shoots at the Nerf average dart velocity of 70 FPS. She sure looks good doing it though, and I think that’s what really matters. Jokes aside, the FPS ranges from 65-75 depending on the shot.

At range, you can expect the average distance as well. You will get 35-50 feet range when shooting the Trailblazer straight. The max range is about 70 feet when shot at an angle.

Reliability and Durability 8/10

You aren’t going to overpower anybody in a Nerf war with this, but for a basic pistol, it will be reliable.

Elite 2.0 series Nerf guns haven’t had a good reputation for being quality built. However, in my experience with the Trailblazer, I have had no durability issues. I should note have seen videos of people finding some with broken rotating drums in stores.

Fun and Value: 9/10

I really like Nerf revolvers and had a good time testing the Trailblazer. If you like this style of gun too, I have no doubt you will have fun with it. I have found it is a solid blaster to pair with a Nerf sword, because you can use one in either hand. `

The Trailblazer initially retailed at under $16, so you can likely find it for a bit less than similar pistols. I see prices on the newer guns going up and up, so this is a pretty solid value blaster. The extra darts add some value to this already reasonably priced Nerf blaster.

Final Verdict

Based on the given ranking factors, I give the Nerf Trailblazer an 8.3 out of 10.

nerf trailblazer one handed

It is a great successor to the Hammershot, adding more ammo capacity and a new look. I love the feel, how it primes, and the overall design. With a little bit more power and another tactical rail on top, I think this could be 9 out of 10 material.

There is a lack of customizability options, with the one tactical rail being located on the bottom. I suppose you could put a grip on it; a light attachment is the only other real option. I don’t see why they didn’t make the top portion a tactical rail as well.

With that said, there isn’t a ton to complain about for the price and what is included. It is my choice for the current best Nerf revolver out now. It’s labeled under the sub-series “Wild Edition,” which gives me hope they will actually make more editions.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good-looking Nerf revolver.

Where to Buy the Nerf Elite 2.0 Trailblazer RD-8

The Nerf Trailblazer is exclusive to Wal-Mart, so you can only find it there. Here is a link to check the current price.

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