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Nerf Mega XL Blaster Series Review (Largest Mega Darts Ever)

nerf mega xl blasters
Updated on 03/23/24

Nerf has released the Mega XL series, which features some of the largest blasters ever that also shoot the biggest Nerf darts!

These massive blasters add a new element of fun to the foam dart world and are reasonably prized for their size. Still, is bigger actually better?

This article covers the details of this line of Nerf guns, the features of each, and will help you find the one you like the best.

Nerf Mega XL Blasters (Series Overview)

Nerf Mega XL was introduced in 2021, and there are currently three blasters in the line.

  • Big Rig
  • Double Crusher
  • Boom Dozer

nerf mega xl series guns

The main characteristics of Mega XL Nerf guns are: 

  • Very large spring-powered blasters with slide or pump priming
  • White, orange, light blue, and black color scheme
  • Shoot the largest Nerf ammo, the Mega XL darts
  • Ammo velocity speed around 50 FPS


All the Mega XL blasters have a really close color design with the logo seeming to be breaking out of the gun, forming some painted cracks and damaged aesthetics.

These comically large blasters are pretty well-blanced and lightweight even though they are bulky. Currently, they are all spring-powered primers with pretty smooth operation.


The Mega XL dart is used with all the blasters and is the largest Nerf dart available, not counting rockets.

You may have to just shoot them to understand, but the main pro is that have a silly and fun intimidation factor. I suppose the enormous size also makes finding your darts a bit easier.

The con is that they are not made for high FPS or range. We will have to see if they release more blasters with a bit more power.


Even though XL Nerf guns have lower FPS, you have to consider the ammo size. To get more power and distance, Nerf would have to make the priming a bit stiffer.

The current feet per-second dart speed for Nerf Mega XL is about 50. When shooting the gun straight, the standard ranges are 30-50 feet.

Best Nerf Mega XL Guns

It was a bit harder than I thought to rank these Nerf blasters because they are all fun in their own way. I think choosing one will come down to the overall style or price you prefer.

What is the Best Mega XL blaster?

The Nerf Mega XL Boom Dozer is the best of the series because of its ammo capacity and design. This massive revolver-style blaster holds six Mega XL whistler darts and shoots them at 50 FPS. It also features a tactical rail and stock attachment point for extra customization.

If you’re going to Mega XL, you have to get the biggest one, right?

Jump to more details and how it performs!

Here are how all of the XL Nerf guns stack up, along with detailed features of each one.

All Mega XL Nerf Guns Ranked in 2022

1. Nerf Mega XL Boom Dozer

Best Overall

nerf mega xl boom dozer blaster

The Nerf Mega XL Boom Dozer is a spring-powered and pump-style revolver blaster that is our choice for the best quality XL Nerf gun.


With a six-shot dart capacity, it also has the highest ammo capacity of the three. Each pump causes the drum cylinder to rotate and allows you to shoot one dart at a time.

On top of the blaster is both a front and rear iron style sight, along with one tactical rail ideal for a scope attachment. It also sports an attachment point for a stock at the rear.

This blaster has slam-fire, but it reduces the power and will often cause it to misfire when going super fast. The only other real con is that it doesn’t include a stock, which would to the jumbo size and help with stability.


The Boom Dozer has a dart velocity of 5o FPS, which isn’t bad for the size of the ammo. You can compare the shooting speed to something like Nerf Jolt, which fires at the same power but with darts that are a third of the size.

Testing the range can depend on a lot of things but the average straight shooting range is 40-50 feet. However, if you angle the blaster up a bit, you can get about a 60-foot max range.

Who Should Buy The Mega XL Boom Dozer

If you want one of the biggest Nerf guns that shoots the largest Nerf ammo, this is a reasonably priced choice.


  • Ammo Type: Mega XL darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 6
  • Velocity: 50 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

Reasons to Buy:

  • Largest Mega XL
  • Highest Mega XL ammo capacity
  • Cool design
  • Has slam fire

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Ammo prone to jamming
  •  Inconsistent range and accuracy


2. Nerf Mega XL Double Crusher

Nerf Mega XL Nerf Shotgun

mega xl nerf double crusher blaster

The Nerf Mega XL Double Crusher is a massive pump-action shotgun that fires one giant dart at a time.


This spring-powered blaster features a smart air restrictor system allowing one dart to shoot at a time. It holds one dart in each of the two barrels and has another two slots for storage on the stock.

One tactical rail on top allows for standard N-strike attachments, and one iron sight on the front helps with the aim a bit. This blaster also has a sling mount on the stock and on the top rear.

You can also use slam fire on this gun by holding the trigger and pumping the prime handle.


The Double Crusher launches its massive ammo at 50 FPS, but doesn’t have great range. The max range is about 50 feet when with an angle, and the average straight shot will go 25-40 feet.

Using slam fire will let you shoot slightly faster, but with only a two-dart capacity, it isn’t super effective. The darts are relatively quick and easy to front load but require some force as they fit very tightly in the barrel.

Who Should Buy The Mega XL Double Crusher

The double crusher is perfect for Nerf shotgun fans that want to have some intimidating power in a close-range battle.


  • Ammo Type: Mega XL darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 2
  • Velocity: 50 feet per second
  • Powered: Spring-powered

Reasons to Buy:

  • Large Mega XL shotgun
  • Has slam fire

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Low range


3. Nerf Mega XL Big Rig

Nerf Mega XL Nerf Pistol

nerf mega xl big rig blaster

The Nerf Mega XL Big Rig is a large hand cannon style blaster that is currently the smallest of the series.


It is a spring-powered blaster that is front-loaded, holds one dart in the chamber, and two in storage slots below it. You prime it by sliding the whole top portion of the gun back and forth.

The Big Rig has an N-strike tactical rail on the bottom of the gun as well as rear and front iron style sights on top. This blaster also has a lanyard mount on the bottom of the grip.


Though it is a tad smaller than the others, the Big Rig has slightly better power and range.

It shoots at around 55 FPS, making it the hardest-shooting XL blaster by just a bit.

The max range it fires is 50 feet shooting straight and about 65 feet when angled upward.

One issue with this gun is that the grip is a bit small, and people with larger hands might pinch or rub their hands when priming it. The grip is small enough that it also isn’t very comfortable to hold with just one hand.

Who Should Buy The Mega XL Big Rig

The Big Rig is the cheapest of the Mega XL line and is the best budget option for getting your hands on one of these fun oversized Nerf guns.


  • Ammo Type: Mega XL darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 1
  • Velocity: 55 Feet per second
  • Powered: Spring Powered

Reasons to Buy:

  • XL sized Nerf pistols
  • Least expensive Mega XL blaster

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Small grip
  • Low ammo capacity


Nerf Mega Vs. Mega XL Blasters

Does the newer Mega XL series of Nerf guns make Mega obsolete? I don’t think so.

Nerf Mega blasters were introduced in 2013 and brought the then largest Nerf ammo, the Mega dart. While XL now may be bigger, they naturally don’t shoot as hard or far. In the Nerf Mega line, there are blasters that more compact and have a much great ammo capacity.

There are a lot more Mega Nerf blasters out because the series is older, but let’s look a bit closer at the similarities and differences between these types of guns.


Mega XL is larger and less sleek, based on the type of blaster. For example, the Big Rig is a single-shot pistol that is bigger than any Mega with one shot capacity.

There are huge Mega blasters that are similar in size, but have the advantage of holding more ammo. The Mega line has some massive guns but with a flatter or slimmer look, with some exceptions.


Mega XL darts are significantly larger, and a Mega dart will fit snug inside one. This seems like a natural size step up as a standard Elite dart will fit tight inside a Mega dart.

The original color scheme for Mega was red with orange tips, but variations have since come out with certain blasters. Mega XL currently has one color of dart, which is all light blue.


Mega blasters generally will have a bit better performance because the ammo is smaller.

While Mega can shoot 60-70 FPS, the blasters featured in the article only shoot 55 FPS max. It only makes sense that XL generally has less range for now.

Final Thoughts

I like the Mega XL series because it is gimmicky but fun. These comically large blasters aren’t designed for high performance. If that is what you are looking for, these are not for you.

One of the best things about these blasters is that they aren’t overpriced for the enormity. You aren’t gonna compete in a serious Nerf war game with them, but they are genuinely entertaining to play with.

Happy Nerfing!