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How to Make an Origami Dinosaur

origami dinosaur
Updated on 02/12/24

These instructions cover the exact steps to fold an origami dinosaur.

This tutorial is a beginner to intermediate-level project that can be completed in 10-12 minutes.

Once finished, the dinosaur will stand up on its own. Be sure to check our easy origami collection for more ideas!

Let’s get folding!

For this guide, we use one sheet of square origami paper that is green on both sides.

You can make your own square paper if you don’t have any.

1. Fold the paper in half from point to point

origami dinosaur fold 1

Fold the paper in half from one point to another and then unfold it.

2. Fold the paper in half again from the other points

origami dinosaur fold 2

Fold the paper in half again from the other two points.

Unfold the paper again once you have made the crease.

3. Half the paper from edge to edge

origami dinosaur fold 3

Fold this paper in half from one edge to another and then unfold it.

4. Half the paper again from the other two edges

origami dinosaur fold 4

Fold the paper in half one last time from the other two edges.

At this point, we should have four crease lines.

5. Push in on the diagonal crease lines

origami dinosaur fold 5

We will start the process of folding this paper flat by first forming a four-pointed star.

Push in on all the diagonal crease marks simultaneously to get the paper to stand up.

6. Push the paper together and then flat

origami dinosaur fold 6

Push the points together and then totally flat.

7. Fold the bottom edges to the center crease

origami dinosaur fold 7

Bring the lower two edges to the center crease line on the upper layer.

8. Flip it over and repeat the same folds

origami dinosaur fold 8

After flipping the paper over, repeat the same folds on the other side.

9. Fold the top point down towards the center

origami dinosaur fold 9

Fold the top tip down, making the crease on the natural edges of the layers.

10. Start unfolding this side of the paper

origami dinosaur fold 10

Unfold the folds you made during steps 8-9.

11. Fold the edges flat to the center creases

origami dinosaur fold 11

After opening up the paper, fold it all the way flat while matching the edges to the center lines.

Origami 101: At this point, you have folded the origami bird base which is one of the common origami base folds! Once you know how to fold this you can make it into many other designs.

12. Repeat steps 10-11 on the opposite side

origami dinosaur fold 12

Flip the paper over and repeat the same opening process to fold it flat.

13. Fold the top tip down and then flip the paper over

origami dinosaur fold 13

Bring the top point down to the lower one and then flip the paper over for the next step.

14. Fold both top edges to the horizontal centerline

origami dinosaur fold 14

Match both edges, one at a time, to the horizontal centerline to make creases.

15. Fold the paper in half, then shape the head

origami dinosaur fold 15

Flatten the paper in half and then fold the tip of the head.

Grap the head point and make a diagonal crease while aiming the point forward.

16. Continue to shape the dinos head

origami dinosaur fold 16

Fold the head tip back over and crease it the opposite way.

After making this point straight again, make another smaller shaping fold on the tip.

17. Crease the tip on the other side, then reverse fold it

origami dinosaur fold 17

Start by moving the baby point fold to the opposite side to crease it,

Next, we will open it up and reverse fold it inside the head.

18. Shape the dino’s arms by bending them inward

origami dinosaur fold 18

Twist both the outside points to the inside, making little triangular arms.

19. Fold both of the legs forward at an angle

origami dinosaur fold 19

At whatever angle you choose to fold the first leg, flip it over and match the other leg fold to it.

20. Shape the legs similarly to the arms

origami dinosaur fold 20

Pick a point near the center of the legs and twist the outside of them towards the inside.

Like with the arms, you can fold one until it looks good and then match the other fold to it.

21. Fold the legs one more time the opposite way

origami dinosaur fold 21

Fold the legs back forward to give them more shape.

22. Shape the belly of the dinosaur inward slightly

origami dinosaur fold 22

Pinch the edge of the belly to fold them inwards, just slightly, and both as even as possible.

Now you know how to make an origami dinosaur!

origami dinosaur complete
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Happy Folding!