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How to Fold an Origami Dress

origami dress
Updated on 03/04/24

These step-by-step folding instructions will show you how to fold an origami dress.

This design is mostly easy but does have a few intermediate-level folds.

Nevertheless, you can follow this guide to make this dress in about 5-8 minutes.

This dress could be a thoughtful addition to a gift or even be used as clothing for a doll.

Let’s get folding!

For this tutorial, I used a pink sheet of square origami paper.

You can use a dual-colored sheet, but only one color will show with this dress.

If you don’t have square paper, you can always cut normal paper into a square.

1. Fold the paper directly in half from edge to edge

origami dress fold 01

Fold the paper in half from one edge to another and then unfold.

2. Bring both edges to the centerline

origami dress fold 02

Fold both outer edges in to meet the vertical center crease.

Flip over the paper after creasing both sides well.

3. Fold the two outer creases to meet the center

origami dress fold 03

Fold the left and right vertical creases over to the center one.

Flip the paper over again, for the next step, after creasing the edges well.

4. Fold the bottom up and then back down over a small section

origami dress fold 04

Start by folding the bottom slightly below the top to make a crease.

Next, fold this part back down over a small section of itself.

5. Pull both bottom edges out at an angle

origami dress fold 05

Start by shaping the bottom of the dress by bringing the right side over a bit and then creasing it down.

Repeat the same process with the left side to match the right as evenly as possible.

6. Fold the top middle corners over diagonally

origami dress fold 06

Fold the top middle points over diagonally and crease the folds well.

7. Move the corners back and flip the paper over

origami dress fold 07

Move the corners back to where they were, and then flip the paper over.

8. Bring the top down and squash fold both middle corners

origami dress fold 08

Start by bringing the top down enough to show the middle corners.

Squash fold the corners down flat and evenly as possible.

9. Fold the top right portion over and then taper fold down

origami dress fold 09

Start by folding the top right portion over to near the vertical center mark.

Continue shaping the dress by folding it over in the middle diagonally and then less and less as you move down the dress.

10. Repeat the same process for the other side to match

origami dress fold 10

Shape the left side to match the way you folded the right.

11. Make the sleeves with two matching diagonal folds

origami dress fold 11

Fold the top center points diagonally to make the sleeves.

Once the sleeves are nice and even, you have your very own origami dress!

origami dress complete
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Happy Folding!