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Origami Flowers With Folding Instructions

origami flowers
Updated on 02/28/24

This collection contains a handful of origami flowers that you can make with our detailed folding guides.

These paper flowers are great for quick decorations or additions to a thoughtful gift.

The following guides help even those brand new to origami make these awesome crafts.

As these designs are mostly symmetrical, many of the steps are repeated multiple times, making them easier than they look.

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origami rose flower design

Roses are symbols of love, the US national flower, and even edible if you really want to eat one.

The design featured in our guide can make for a quick and easy decoration or gift.

The project consists of repeating similar folds and then twisting the paper to shape the petals just right.

This rose has thirteen steps but shouldn’t take much longer than five minutes to complete.

Follow this easy origami rose guide to make this flower!

Lily Flower

origami lily flower design

Besides both looking and smelling fantastic, lilies are considered to be a symbol of purity and luck.

The paper lily design we have is the hardest fold on this just because it has a good amount of folds.

That being said, a lot of the folds are repeated on the four different sides, so it really isn’t that tough for how cool it looks.

The folding instruction guide for this flower has 23 detailed steps that can be completed in about 10-15 minutes.

Follow this origami lily guide to make this flower!

Lotus Flower

origami lotus flower design

The lotus flower is often thought of as a representation of regeneration and rebirth as it shows its beauty in even the murkiest of waters.

This symmetrical lotus design is fun to fold because it looks complicated but is actually very simple.

You can make this easy paper lotus flower in about five minutes with our guide, which has nine easy steps to follow.

Follow this origami lotus guide to make this flower!


origami tulip flower design

Whether paper or real, Tulips can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Roses may be the symbol of love, but tulips are said to be the representation of true or perfect love.

This paper tulip design requires two pieces of paper folded separately and then connected.

The tulip will take about 5-10 minutes to fold both, but just because there are two parts to fold.

Follow this origami tulip guide to make this flower!

Best Origami Paper for Origami Flowers

All of the following designs mostly show one side of the origami paper used, so any square origami paper should work just fine.

One important thing to remember is that thinner paper is a little less forgiving and may have more wrinkles in the folding process.

If you don’t have any square paper on hand, you can cut regular or colored paper into a square.

These flowers were all made with 6×6 inch origami paper.

Final Thoughts

Origami flowers are some of the most popular origami designs because they have many practical uses for gifting and decorations.

Besides being easy to make, they are some of the most affordable and fun crafting projects.

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Happy Folding!