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How to Fold Origami Sunglasses

origami sunglasses
Updated on 06/25/23

This guide will show you how to quickly make origami sunglasses in just a couple of minutes.

If you have colored paper you can follow along, or use a standard piece of paper to decorate after it’s done.

This is definitely a beginner fold and one of our many easy origami tutorials.

Let’s get folding!

1. Fold the right side to match the toporigami sunglasses step one

With the paper right side up, match the right side to the top.

Make a nice crease and then unfold it for the next step.

2. Make a diagonal fold upward from left to rightorigami sunglasses step two

Take the bottom left tip to evenly match the top right one. 

Crease the paper well and unfold it again for the next step.

3. Form the lenses of the glassesorigami sunglasses step 3

Fold the top left tip down diagonally to form the lenses of the sunglasses evenly.

Once it looks as even as possible, make the crease.

4. Bring the left near the middle of the pointsorigami sunglasses step 4

Bring the left side over to just a bit away from the base of the two lenses.

Press the crease nice and flat once again.

5. Fold it in half twice lengthwiseorigami sunglasses step 6

Make two more folds the same way to get the frame the right size.

Press the edges well after each fold to make sure it stays even and tight.

6. Finish shaping the sunglassesorigami sunglasses step 7

Fold the tips of the lenses evenly to your desired shape towards the inside of the glasses.

Lastly, fold the long piece on both sides near the edge of the lenses.

Now you know how to make some cool paper sunglasses!