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How to Fold Easy Origami Grass

origami blade of grass
Updated on 03/24/22
By Ryan

Fun fact! Paper confetti is made by mowing paper grass. The more you know, right?

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to fold an easy blade of origami grass in about 3 minutes!

You can also use this fancy paper grass as a quick and dirty flower stem.

Stretch those folding fingers, grab yourself some paper.

Let’s get folding!

To make a paper piece of paper grass, you will need a single square piece of paper. You can use regular printer paper cut into a square; however, I recommend origami paper for better-looking folds and that traditional origami feel!

In this tutorial, I’ll be using a multi-color 6 x 6 sheet of origami paper, but you can use single-colored paper as well.

1. Start with your paper color down

easy origami grass step 1

Whichever color is facing down will dictate the color of your grass. In my example, I’ll be using a sheet with green on one side and white on the other. I want my grass to be green, so I’ll start green side down!

2. Fold in half diagonally, then unfold

easy origami grass step 2

Begin by folding the sheet in half diagonally—bring the bottom right corner to the top left corner. Crease well and then unfold.

3. Fold the lower edges to the center crease

easy origami grass step 3

Rotate the paper 90 degrees—making a diamond shape. Then fold the lower edges to the center crease.

Origami 101: At this point, you have folded one of the 12 major origami bases called the “kite base.” For a full list of other creations that you can make with this base, check out our Kite Base guide here.

4. Fold the upper edges to the center crease

easy origami grass step 4

Next, fold the upper-left and upper-right edges to the center crease.

Origami 101: This is another major origami base called the “diamond base.” Check out our Diamond Base guide here.

5. Fold in half lengthwise

easy origami grass step 5

With the top layer of flaps pointing to the left, fold the paper in half lengthwise and crease well.

6. Fold the right section up and to the left, then unfold

easy origami grass step 6

Grab the right section and fold it up and to the left. Crease well and unfold.

7. Open the paper and reverse fold the crease

easy origami grass step 7

Next, open the lengthwise fold and reverse fold in the right section, following the creases that you made in the last step. Smush everything down well, and there you have it—some easy origami grass!

You can now set your grass up on a table or desk for the world to admire!

origami grass complete

Like the looks of this remarkable paper grass? You’ll probably enjoy our growing collection of origami plants—such as the origami leaf!

You can also fold a flower and use this grass as a stem! For some easy ideas, check out our origami flower collection!

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Thanks for following along, and happy folding!