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23 Easy Ways to Save Money On Amazon

Prime Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year—some may even argue more than Christmas. What if I told you that you could save money on Amazon and have Prime Day like deals every day of the year?

It would be pretty awesome right?


After hours upon hours of researching, writing, and a little crying, your wish is my command.

Below is my complete list of every possible way I could find to save money on Amazon. Some of these you may know, but I guarantee there are quite a few on this list that you had never heard of.


Amazon Money Saving Tools

Alright, let's start this list off with some of the best and most popular third-party tools that can save you some serious cash on Amazon. The first one on this list has personally saved me thousands of dollars over the last several years and is a must-have for any online shopper.

1. Using Honey For Automatic Coupons

The absolute most popular way of saving money on Amazon—and throughout the entire Internet—is Honey!

Honey - Ways to Save Money Online

Honey is a chrome extension that automatically cycles through all known coupon codes for that product or website during checkout and gets you the best deal possible.

I’ve been using honey for several years and have saved thousands of dollars on all my online purchases. I even saved some money on hosting this website!

The best part is, it works on any website that utilizes coupon codes. So whether you are shopping on Amazon, Target, or even some obscure websites like Art of Lock Picking, Honey will always make sure that you are getting the best price!

It also checks other Amazon sellers to ensure that you are getting the lowest price!

So if you are an avid online shopper and are not using Honey, that should be your absolute first step when trying to save money on Amazon—or anywhere else online!

You can sign up for Honey here!

2. Use Wikibuy to Find Better Prices

WikiBuy isn't very well known but it’s a pretty powerful and free little tool that can save you some serious cash.

One of the fatal flaws of using Amazon is that everyone just assumes that it is cheaper. Nobody shops around nor even consider that there could be lower prices elsewhere.

However, by simply downloading the free Wikibuy Chrome extension, it will automatically compare the listing price of your product with other retailers like Walmart, eBay, and Target—to name a few.

Let’s say that you’re shopping for new curtains to block out the sun so that you can finally sleep in on Saturdays. Once that item hits your cart, Wikibuy will do its magic and search around the internet for that particular item and alert you if found at a cheaper price elsewhere.

Gone are the days of shopping around.

You can quickly and freely sign up for Wikibuy here.

3. Use CamelCamelCamel

What in the holy hell is Camelcamelcamel? While I can't explain the name I can tell you it will save you a lot of money on Amazon.

Most companies price their products seasonally and knowing when the cheapest time to buy certain products can save you a lot of money.

In a nutshell, Camelcamelcamel gives you past price data to help you determine if you should buy now or wait a few months until that item is historically cheaper.

I saved nearly 30% on my most recent camera by simply understanding that there is usually a huge price drop in April on that particular model.

Just like the other tools on this list, they also have a chrome extension that will automatically give you price data on any Amazon product page! You can also sign up for price alerts so you don't have to always monitor a product for price drops.

Check out the insane price history on a simple Ninja Coffee Maker in the image below. At the time of writing this article, this product is marked up almost $100 over its average price. Unless you absolutely need a new coffee maker, now is not an ideal time to buy.

Save Money Amazon - Camel

4. Use Amazon's Woot!

Now Woot! may sound like one of those cheese-ball commercials where that little old lady buys a brand new iPad for $21—it isn't.

Woot! is a completely legitimate company that is actually owned by Amazon where you can shop special daily deals and limited-time offers across a ton of different categories.

It's almost like shopping on Amazon, except everything listed is discounted or on a temporary sale.

Check it out for yourself at Woot! Deals

Alright, so we got some of the better third-party options and tools out of the way, now let's look at ways you can save money on Amazon using Amazon. There is a ridiculous amount of Amazon programs that can save you a little money.

1. Use Amazon Coupons

This little section of Amazon isn’t very well known and can be hard to find in the endless void that is Amazon’s website. However, it can be a nifty little place to find some unique deals that you'll likely not find anywhere else!

Here is a direct link just in case you don't want to search around.

To use these coupons simply click on “Clip Coupon” and then add the item to your cart.

However you won’t see the discount applied until you are on the final checkout page, so just make sure when you get there that the coupon was correctly applied!

2. HUGE Deals with Amazon Warehouse

If you are looking for some of the steepest discounts and most ridiculous deals online, Amazon Warehouse is where you’ll likely find them.

Have you ever opened something that you bought from Amazon and later returned it? It likely got listed on Amazon Warehouse!

Amazon Warehouse is a part of Amazon that deals with returned, used, refurbished, and slightly damaged products—at a VERY steep discount!

But don't worry, you're not just getting some random new or used product. Every product is graded—such as "new", "like-new", "used"— so that you know what to expect from your purchase.

So if you are looking for a good discount and don't mind scavenging through open-box returns, which are essentially brand spanking new products, be sure to check out the Amazon Warehouse section.

If you don't feel like scouring around their website, here is a quick link to the Warehouse.

3. More Deals with Amazon Renewed

This is another open-box and refurbished section of Amazon, the only difference is these products are from Amazon approved sellers and not Amazon itself.

Think of it like a garage sale run by Amazon, but they let the neighbors that they like to sell there too. But instead of buying some old dresses for a nickel each, you can get your hands on the latest products—like TVs—at steep discounts.

Just like Amazon Warehouse, you can find some amazing deals at Amazon Renewed!

4. Overstock & Clearance Deals with Amazon Outlet

I know I know, yet another section of Amazon. If you are losing count I don't blame you, however, perk up because this one is another online gold mine.

Amazon Outlet is essentially the section of Amazon dedicated to overstock and clearance items.

While overstock items are typically products that are over-produced or under-sold, you never know what goodies are lurking about. It truly is a great way to save money on Amazon that spans across all categories!

Just like before, here is a link to Amazon Outlet if you want to head right over without the headache of searching around.

5. Today's Deals & Lightning Deals

"Today's Deals" and "Lightning Deals" are ways for Amazon to liquidate the supply of a product very quickly by offering a discount—sometimes an insane discount—on common products.

But what is the difference between "Todays Deals" and "Lightning Deals?" Simply put, the amount of time that the deal runs.

Today's Deals run for the entire day or until the product sells out. You have until the end of the day to checkout before the item returns to full price.

However, Lightning Deals are typically more popular items that are on sale for a couple of hours or until the product is sold out and typically gives you a short amount of time to checkout after adding your item to your cart before the item returns to the regular price.

Amazon recently hid these deal pages, but you can find the Daily and Lightning deals here.

6. Amazon Prime

Alright, you’ve probably heard about Amazon Prime and the all of the awesome benefits you can get with it. But if you haven’t I’ll go over them here.

Probably the greatest benefit of Amazon Prime is free two-day shipping — or if you live in certain areas you can get free same-day or next-day shipping on many products.

And if you choose to delay your shipping you can even get some money back—we’ll cover that later.

You also get access to a ton of Amazon programs that will be listed a little bit lower on this list. Without an Amazon Prime account, you can’t become a part of these programs.

You also get access to a ton of free movies and TV shows that can easily replace other streaming services that you may have draining your piggy bank.

Amazon Prime membership also makes you eligible for the Amazon Prime Visa card which is a ridiculous way to save 5% on all your Amazon purchases – we’ll talk a little more about that when next.

This is only to name a few, there are a ton of other awesome benefits that come with a Prime membership that can save you money while shopping on Amazon.

If you don’t yet have an Amazon Prime account, I highly suggest getting one if you’re an avid Amazon shopper. You can find a sign-up link here.

7. Amazon Prime Credit Card

Next up is the Amazon Visa Credit Card.

Now there are a lot of pretty good credit cards out there in the world, but the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card—that’s a mouthful—is among of the best in regards to practical rewards and benefits.

With a Prime membership, there is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and you will earn rewards on every purchase! 

You will earn 5% back when you shop on Amazon and Whole Foods Market, 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores, and 1% back on all other purchases. 

Rewards points are used like a gift card when you shop on Amazon, at check out it will tell you how many points you have available and ask if you would like to use them towards your current purchase.

Plus the $70 you get for signing up! It is an awesome card that can save you some serious dough if you are an avid Amazon shopper!

You can learn more about it here.

Amazon Prime Visa Card - Amazon Money Saving

8. Get Cash-Back For Reloading Gift Cards

If you're not looking to get another credit card another great option is the Amazon gift card!

Prime members will earn 2% cashback every time they reload their Amazon gift card!

To sign up for the 2% cashback you will need to enter a US bank account and routing number, debit card number associated with that account, and a US driver's license or ID.

Once you do that simply reload your gift card and receive 2% back every time!

For first-time gift card users if you load $100 or more you will receive a $10 bonus.

You learn more about this here.

9. Subscribe & Save

We all have those things that we continually buy every week or month. Wouldn't it be nice if you could save a little money on them and get them automatically shipped to your door without ever having to think about it?

With Amazon Subscribe and Save you can save up to 15% on items that you use on a regular basis. 

Shop from thousands of products, select the quantity and schedule that works for you, and it creates a personalized subscription for you that saves you time and money, and as always shipping is free! 

Prime members can also save up to 20% on subscriptions to diapers, baby food, and more when you subscribe to receive 5 or more products delivered to the same address.

You can sign up for Subscribe and Save on any Amazon product page that supports it!

10. Amazon Wardrobe

One of the worst parts about shopping for clothes online is that you can’t try them on before you buy them… or can you?

If you have a Prime membership you are already eligible to use Prime Wardrobe.

This allows you to choose up to 8 items of clothing, shoes, jewelry, or accessories to be shipped to you for free to try on!

Once you receive your package you have 7 calendar days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to return.  You only pay for what you keep, and returns are easy.

Prime Wardrobe is sent to you in a resealable package with the return label inside, simply put what you don’t want to keep back in the package, reseal, slap on the return label and drop off at any UPS.

You can find more information on Amazon Wardrobe here.

Amazon Wardrobe - Save Money

11. Amazon Family

If you buy a lot of baby food or diapers you should definitely check out Amazon Family.

You get access to a ton of family-oriented products at huge discounts as well as 15%-20% off for many product subscriptions

Plus, if you create a child profile you can get a 15% Baby Registry completion discount.

You can find Amazon Family here!

12. Get a Student Account

This is an awesome deal for any student with a .edu email address.

You can sign up for Prime Student and get Amazon Prime membership for 50% off. In addition, you also get your first 6 months free!

So if you are a student be sure to take advantage of this deal. You can locate the page by going here.

Just click on "Sign Up" and "Are you a student" to find the student signup page!

Save money on amazon with Amazon Student

13. Add Family Members To Your Account With Amazon Household

If you are like many families, you likely have multiple people in a household with Amazon Prime memberships. However, what if everyone could benefit from Amazon Prime, but only using one account?

That is exactly the purpose of Amazon Household! You can add up to 10 family members to one Prime account and share the benefits—including digital content through a “Family Library.”

Kids can also get free entree to Kindle FreeTime with unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, and even educational games.

You can find Amazon Household here along with more information on its benefits.

14. Get Paid For Your Stuff With Amazon Trade-In

We all have a ton of old books, movies, and maybe even video games that do nothing but collect dust. It would be awesome if we could get rid of them easily without having to deal with eBay, and make a little money in the process?

Well, why not trade them in for Amazon store credit! Simply join the Amazon Trade-In Program and start shipping in all your old stuff!

And the greatest part is, Amazon foots the bill for shipping!

You can check out the Amazon Trade-In Program here.

Other Amazon Money Saving Hacks

Alright, so that about covers the in-house methods for saving money on Amazon. Now let's look at a few other little hacks that you can utilize to skim a little more off the top of your purchases.

1. Turn Off One-Click Purchases

One-Click settings - Amazon Money Hacks

The entire purpose of the One-Click button on Amazon is to reduce the friction and required time of checking out. To skip the cart and potential second thoughts altogether.

Pretty sneaky.

Rather than going through the payment selection, shipping selection, and confirmation of your order — you just have to click one button.

Simply turning off One-Click Purchases is one of those little psychology tricks that can potentially save you from making purchases that you may not have actually needed nor really wanted.

To turn it off, go to your settings and under “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” select 1-Click Settings. Then select “Disable 1-Click everywhere.”

Bammm!! Money and regrets saved!

2. Save For Later

This one kinda goes along with some of the third-party tools that we listed above that give you price alerts on certain items that you want to pay less for.

However, if you don’t use those tools and are looking for an easy way to do the same thing using Amazon, simply use the "Save For Later" feature.

By marking it as "Save For Later" Amazon will alert you if the price of that product ever drops.

So if you have some things that you’re looking to pick up at some point but you’re not quite happy with the price now, just hit "Save For Later" and wait for that beautiful price-drop notification. It will come someday!

3. Choose Slower Shipping For Money Back

Now I already sort of touched on this one above, but for the sake of those not reading every single one of these, I'll throw it out there again.

If you are a Prime Member you can actually downgrade your shipping from 2-day and get digital credits that you can put towards movies, ebooks, music, or even apps.

Also, if you don't use these credits they get paid out to you at the end of the month.

You'll see this option when selecting your shipping during checkout—as seen in the example below.

No Rush Delivery - Amazon Money Hacks

So if you don't need your stuff right away, consider downgrading your shipping and collecting a little cash to put on your next purchase!

4. Skip Out On Amazon Prime

I know that we talked about the money-saving benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership, however for some paying for Prime is actually costing them more than it saves.

The minimum purchase price for free shipping on Amazon is now $25.

So if you don’t buy from Amazon that often, perhaps consider canceling your Amazon prime membership altogether and just bundling purchases when you make them.

Other Opportunities

Alright, so to finish off this list, let's talk about some other cool opportunities out there that can save you some money while shopping on Amazon.

There are quite a few options out there, but at this moment there really is only one that I've used enough to recommend. So let's take a second and cover that one.

1. Cash Back From Rakuten

An easy way to get a little cash-back from Amazon and 2,500 other online retailers is to sign-up for Rakuten.

One of the greatest online business models is affiliate marketing and Rakuten taps into that business model to make money and save you money—win-win.

But how does that work?

Simple, online stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way, and Rakuten shares the commission with you as cashback.

Every quarter, they will send your cashback as a check or PayPal payment. Plus you get a free $10 bonus for signing up!

So if you want to get some money back for every purchase check out Rakuten!

To Wrap This Thing Up

Alright, so that I hope that this hefty list is enough to save you little money on Amazon, and if it does be sure to share it with your friends — they might even thank you!

They're always cool new ways popping up and if you have any that are not on this list be sure to share them in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

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