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Part of being a man is being competent and effective in the world. To do that, you’ve got to have skills. A man wants to know (or at least feel like he knows) that no matter what situation he’s placed in, he’ll be able to handle himself — to act rather than be acted upon. Hence our incessant drive to figure out what skills we’ll need to know in order to demonstrate confidence and capability.

The modern man must be both a warrior and a diplomat, a woodsman, and a scholar. We need both hard skills and soft skills; skills we use every day and skills we keep in the back pocket, just in case.

Card Throwing

Learn the deadly art of card throwing!​

Lock Picking

Learn to bypass locks in the most artful skill of lock picking!​

Speed Reading

Finally get through those 30 books that you have piled on your nightstand but haven't read!

The Latest in skills

Lock Picking

9 Best Types of Lock Picks for the Beginning Picker

In today’s world, buying things is harder than ever.

With so many options plaguing the market, choosing between products feels like pulling a number out of a hat – you never know what you are going to get.

Deciding which types of lock picks to include in your first lock pick set is no exception!

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Lock Picking

How to Pick a Lock: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Lock picking is simple and very addicting, with over a million lock picking enthusiasts around the world — no joke — all seeking that fresh challenge a new lock provides! This lock picking guide will instill within you a deep foundation of how locks work and how you can begin to defeat them! Let’s get started and dabble in some lock picking!

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Types of throwing cards
Card Throwing

The 5 Best Types of Throwing Cards

Throwing cards are cards that are actually designed to be thrown. Card throwing is an awesome skill where a person learns to throw a card with great force and skilled accuracy. Learning how to throw

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