Card Throwing

Current Card Throwing World Record

Rick Smith Jr. holds the current card throwing world records for the farthest, fastest, highest, and most accurate card throws.

Take a look at how crazy these records are, and why they might not be broken any time soon.

How to Throw a Card Fast, Far, and Accurately

So you wanna learn how to throw a card fast, far, and accurately?

Good news, with this guide and a little practice,  you’ll accomplish things with simple playing cards that you perhaps thought impossible. There truly is nothing like slinging a card across the room and accurately demolishing your desired target!

Types of throwing cards

Throwing cards are cards that are actually designed to be thrown. Card throwing is an awesome skill where a person learns to throw a card with great force and skilled accuracy. Learning how to throw a card is a fun, low-cost hobby to pick up for you and your family!

How to throw cards

Learning how to throw cards is fun and not as hard as you may think. Start card throwing today with this easy to understand guide for beginners. You will be surprised how quickly you can get better at the art of card throwing.