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Card Throwing

Card throwing is the art of throwing playing cards with great force or accuracy.

There are usually three main goals people have when throwing playing cards.

    • Throwing Cards For Distance: Oh the glory of zipping a card smoothly across a room at that poker cheater running away after he is caught.
    • Throwing Cards Accurately: Who hasn’t wanted to play a real life game of fruit ninja and destroy all the healthy food in their house.  If you don’t know the joy of sinking a card deep into the heart of an apple… you haven’t lived.
    • Throwing Cards Fast and Hard: There are also those who want to use throwing cards as a weapon to destroy all their enemies. This for those who want only to eliminate anything and everything that is holy.

But of course, the end goal is to be able to do all three of these awesome things.

The best part about learning to throw cards is that it doesn’t take that long to learn. In fact, within an hour most people see significant progress in their card throwing ability.

But, just like anything you can only get better and better with more practice.

Card Throwing Guides and Articles!


How to Throw Cards: A Beginners Guide

Learning how to throw cards is fun and not as hard as you may think.

Learn to throw cards hard, fast, and with great accuracy.

Start card throwing today with this easy to understand guide for beginners.

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Types of throwing cards

The 5 Best Types of Throwing Cards

Can you throw just any card? There are several different types of cards specifically designed for throwing.

The type of card, and the condition it is in, can greatly affect how well a card flies when thrown.

Check out the best throwing cards to improve your card throwing skills.

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Types of throwing cards
Card Throwing

The 5 Best Types of Throwing Cards

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