Card Throwing Target

Card Throwing Targets: 6 Awesome DIY Ideas

Card throwing targets are a major part of what makes learning how to throw cards so much fun.

Especially as a beginner, you really need a soft target to aim at so that you can get those cards to stick.

So let’s look at some awesome options that you can use to practice your card throwing accuracy and speed!

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1. Fruits and Vegetables

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The old go-to!

It's not well known, but most fruits and vegetables make for good fun targets. You can easily sink your cards into an apple or even try to cut the end off of a carrot.

Potatoes, tomatoes, apples -- the possibilities are endless when you have the need to destroy all that is healthy in your house.

Channel your inner fruit ninja and do some juicing!

floral styrofoam
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2. Packing Styrofoam

Next is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make card throwing targets. There is a chance you may have some styrofoam laying around, but if you don't it is okay. If you head to a florist or just the floral section of any store you can try asking employees or a manager for some.

Floral sections are usually gold mines for extra styrofoam that is probably going to get thrown in the trash anyways.

It is definitely worth a try, as you may be able to secure a lifetime of card throwing target material in one stop for free.

You can easily cut the foam as needed and even use a marker to draw a bullseye on it!

3. Styrofoam Cups

styrofoam cup
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Styrofoam cups are a really cheap option that will last a while as you can get a pack of 100 for under $10.

You can set them on a table, a desk, or even make a cup pyramid and try to knock them off.

If you want a more sturdy option you can try taping them to a flat surface so that the cards will more likely stick in the cup.

Styrofoam is definitely the way to go when making a good card throwing target.

4. Insulation Board or Styrofoam Board

styrofoam board
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Insulation or styrofoam boards are probably the coolest way to make a card throwing target.

These boards are made of a thicker foam than regular packing foam and throwing cards at them is a lot more satisfying as it makes a louder "THUMP!"

You can hang this foam up and paint it however you want -- maybe even hang of couple pictures of your ex on it!

It can double as a custom art piece, and as a target.

However, the one problem with these insulation boards is that they are a little more expensive than other options.

They are usually sold in packs of six, but you can easily cut them into fourths to make multiple targets out of one. You can get a pack off amazon or head to a home department store to grab some yourself.

5. Cardboard

cardboard target
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Nearly everyone has cardboard laying around and it works really well as a target. However, cardboard is better for those who can throw hard, as it takes some solid effort to get a card to stick in it.

This being said, you can always rub a little water on the cardboard to soften it up significantly.

While this isn't a top choice for a target because of the hardness of cardboard, it is usually a material that is very easily accessible.

Some throwing cards are better for harder surfaces, like an old student id card.

TIP: When your throwing cards hit hard surfaces they can bend or even chip. A good way to preserve your cards when throwing at targets is to take hard surfaces out of the equation. In other words, try to have something soft behind and around the target you are throwing at.  You can hang up a blanket behind the target or at least have some cardboard behind it. There are a lot of things softer than your walls.

6. Ninja Cards Target

Ninja Cards
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While it doesn't have the same feeling as sticking into styrofoam or cardboard, ninja card targets will last a LOT longer than other card throwing targets. This is a target you can hang up on a door or wall for a quick target.

It comes with the target, hanging strap, and throwing cards -- it is essentially an all in one card throwing kit! However, while absolutely awesome, it is not the cheapest option for a target.

Whatever you choose, Happy Throwing!

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