Origami is defined as the art of paper folding and while its name originates from the Japanese words ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”), it is actually considered an invention of the Chinese.

Origami is an incredible craft that is both puzzling and meditative. It is a form of paper engineering that truly separates itself from other arts and can be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to pay the small price of a sheet of paper.

While origami may be an old craft, it has seen an incredible evolution in the modern age and likely the years to come.

Below is our exhaustive collection of origami guides that dive deep into nearly every aspect of this amazing craft!

Other Types of Origami

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Need paper?
In most of our origami guides, we use standard 6 x 6 origami paper. Our favorite brand is Taro’s Origami Studio "Duo Kami" pack. It comes in a nice variety of colors, is beginner-friendly, and is inexpensive!

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