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20 Weird Caffeine Products You Might Like

caffeine products
Updated on 10/08/22

It comes as no surprise that caffeine products are becoming more and more popular by the day.

People just want to cram the benefits of caffeine into every product known to man but some are clearly better than others.

Here are 20 weird caffeine products that you might actually like!

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1. SinFit Peanut Butter

Some may say there is no need for energized peanut butter, while others rave that this is the tastiest of masterpieces.

This caffeine-infused nut spread comes in a variety of flavors such as White Chocolate, Killer Caramel, and Chocolate Chaos.

Just imagine the possibilities! Caffeinated peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes, or celery if you’re into that kinda stuff.

This Texas-made product offers 40mg of caffeine per serving which comes to 400mg a jar.

12g of protein may also entice those looking for good energy boosted workout snack.

2. Three Water

Caffeinated water is definitely one of the more sensible options here, offering a mere 50mg per bottle.

However, in addition to a little caffeine, it is also pH balanced and includes electrolytes — considering that caffeine dehydrates you, this is an excellent way to offset the drawbacks of caffeine!

With zero calories and zero sugar, this might be a way to help get you perky without resorting to other less healthy sources of caffeine.

Also, because it’s simply water with caffeine, it won’t stain your teeth nor wear them down from acidity.

This water is similarly priced to other electrolyte waters.

3. Pacific Shaving Co. Shaving Cream

Some don’t have the courage or willpower to shave their stringy stalks of manhood away.

That’s where this caffeinated shaving cream comes in to save the day.

It claims to reduce signs of razor rash and is great for those with sensitive skin. The makers say to “put caffeine on your mug, not in.”

To help recover from the lost pieces of your manliness, they also offer aftershave to immediately slap the man back into you.

In all seriousness, these creams have great reviews and seem to work as advertised. Using antioxidant-rich, naturally-derived caffeine, aloe, spearmint, and other natural ingredients, this cream is packed full of goodies!

4. Viter Energy Mints

Because how could we possibly be bothered to freshen our breath without getting a buzz… enter caffeinated mints!

At 40mg a mint, it only takes two blissful little tablets to equal the caffeine in a normal cup of coffee.

Not to mention, a lack of coffee breath!

They also partially absorb orally which helps deliver a power-packed caffeine punch much faster than simply drinking your caffeine.

And if the five different flavors they offer don’t impress you, then maybe the extra strength mints will — at 80mg each.

These mints may actually be good for a quick freshening boost without having to drink your caffeine.

5. Perky Jerky

Perhaps the most unnecessary but still tempting and delicious caffeine product is caffeinated jerky.

Though they once praised the role as the only caffeinated jerky on the market, they have since switched to a caffeine-free formula.

This could be because they hate happiness, or that their jerky is still good without the unnecessary caffeine.

But is unnecessary caffeine even a thing?

The idea of energy jerky came about when the founder accidentally spilled an energy drink into his bag of jerky.

He thought that jerky with a boost might actually sell, and it turns out he was right.

6. MEG – Military Energy Gum

At 100mg per piece, this caffeinated gum packs a bigger punch than an Apache helicopter on a killing spree!

The U.S military must agree as they approved this product and have purchased over 5 million packs.

Chewing this caffeine gum is said to deliver the caffeine 5x faster through oral absorption than you would get through drinks or pills.

So for a quick kick in the pants, soldier style, look to MEG gum.

To be fair there are actually quite a few brands of caffeinated gum but this is backed by the military so, MERICA!

7. DirtyBird Energy Soap

When all your crevices need caffeine, you can now boost them with this caffeinated soap bar.

This incredible bar of soap is designed to help energize and exfoliate your skin, as well as soothe your achy body.

No sulfates, no parabens… only the good old dirty bird spirit!

If you don’t think you need it right this second, read this actual product review and think again!

YO THAT SMELLS NICE.  11/10 will soap again.”

8. AWAKE Chocolate Energy Bites

You might know that most chocolate has small amounts of caffeine already.

The folks at Awake Chocolate decided that it wasn’t enough and they turned it up a notch with this caffeinated chocolate.

One of these bars will give you the same caffeine as a cup of coffee.

So get your chocolate fix and get rushin’ at the same time!

9. Perfectly Posh Lip Balm

For those who want to put a tingle in their lips, try some caffeinated lip balm.

Why does lip balm need caffeine you ask?

I have no idea but look at the pretty package!

Here are all five flavors that will definitely change your lip life forever:

    • Beach Ballistic
    • Latin Love
    • Lemon Wedgie
    • What a Lovely Pear
    • Citrus Kiss

10. TruePure Natural Shampoo

I would make fun of it, but this caffeinated shampoo is actually a very popular product.

And for good reason!

Caffeine can help promote hair growth by increasing the reproduction of hair follicles.

Unfortunately, washing with this shampoo will not give you the caffeine rush you are looking for.

But it is advertised to clean the scalp, help fight hair loss, and support hair regrowth.

So if you can’t even take a shower without thinking about caffeine, this one is for you.

Just don’t eat it.

11. Rockit Energy Pops

Do your kids not have enough sugar and energy? Are they only running around the room, but not on the walls?

If they aren’t yet on that level of crazy, you must not have heard about the tasty miracle of caffeinated lollipops.

While you kids may be getting cracked on sugar and caffeine with these awesome little suckers, there is another cool little benefit — they are packed with tasty vitamins.

Vitamin B6 and B12 supply them with even more energy!

Just think about it, this could be your next go-to for a sweet pick me up.


12. Mini-Green Energy Pouch

It may look like your can of chewing tobacco, but these caffeinated chew pouches are far from it.

A good source of natural caffeine, these pouches supposedly come with no jitters nor crashes.

These bad boys also boast a 2-year shelf life so you can ensure your buzz for years to come.

They were also originally created to help you wean off the nasty habit of chewing tobacco.

So if you chew and are looking to stop, give these bad boys a shot!

13. QRxLabs Eye Reboot Serum

At first glance, you might think the good lord finally provided us with caffeinated eye drops to help keep our tired little eyes open.

However, while the pain of putting them in your eyes might help you stay awake, they don’t actually give you a caffeinated kick.

Rather, his caffeinated eye serum is made to reduce any puffiness or redness you may have around your eyes.

It is also advertised to help tighten skin and help with signs of aging.

While only containing 6% caffeine, it can still help shock away years off your aging eyes and make you look beautiful again — or at least somewhat good-looking.

14. OLLY Swift Energy Gummy

Taking you back to your childhood, these caffeinated gummies may have fewer vitamins than other gummies, but they’re no less powerful.

One buyer said, “I love these so much I could eat them by the handful!”. With 60mg of caffeine per gummy, we don’t think you should… but you do you boo.

These also have L-theanine which is considered a “smart drug” and helps balance the effects of natural caffeine.

So when your kid brags about how delicious their flintstone gummies are, show them that yours have caffeine and tell them they can’t have any.

You’re an adult, so suck it brats!

15. Power Toothpaste

I’m not sure who actually falls asleep in the shower, but the makers say that it will never happen again with this caffeinated toothpaste.

The good news is you can now put caffeine straight into your teeth holes while you brush.

The bad news is, it doesn’t tell you how much caffeine you are getting.

16. Aussie Health Co Enemas

Yes, you read that right, you can now cleanse your colon with the power of caffeinated enemas.

Some may say we already do that naturally by consuming large amounts of caffeine in the morning.

However, there is always someone that has to take it a step further and actually put it directly into their colon.

This is actually becoming a weird caffeine experiment that can take hours to perform.

One Florida couple actually got so addicted to coffee enemas they performed up to 100 a month, each.

We will let you do the math on that one.

17. 100% PURE Caffeine Face Mask

If you didn’t already know from a couple of other products on this list, caffeine is actually very good for skin rejuvenation.

This caffeinated face mask is no exception.

It allows you to cover your face with caffeine and uses antioxidants from yerba mate and green tea to help repair skin from environmental damage.

Because caffeine is anti-inflammatory, it also claims to help heal sun damage, and help re-hydrate the skin.

So next time you and your bros host a spa night, you might give caffeine masks a try.

Just keep it off of Instagram!

18. NASTY Charge Moisturizing Body Wash

If you still have room for more stuff in your shower, we have another great addition to your caffeinated shower arsenal.

And if you don’t have any room, make it!

This caffeinated body wash is said to wake up tired skin as well as clean, hydrate, and strengthen your beautiful birthday suit.

When you search nasty body wash this is what you will find.

The creators of this product urge you to “Get Nasty” and power up your skin.

Replace the dirt on your skin with caffeine and start your life anew.

19. Sante Deodorant Spray

What can you possibly do when your skin is coming down off the high of your new caffeinated shower experience?

Why not just spray your body with more caffeine with a caffeinated body spray of course.

This spray boasts organic caffeine and acai that freshens “with the irresistible tangy scent” and doesn’t irritate the skin.

At near $20 a can, this deodorant spray is filled made with caffeine that must be equal to its weight in gold.

And maybe it is liquid gold?

Nevertheless, you can battle your body stench today with this sweet caffeine-filled spray.

20. NutraBio 100% Pure Caffeine

For those who have lost all hope and need caffeine to breathe we present 100% pure caffeine pills.

It always comes to this, this where you are headed, you might as well get it now.

I guess it is also for those who can responsibly handle the power and responsibility of pure caffeine.

This is actually pure caffeine in pill form, for those who want to skip the drinks and get straight to the rush.

You can crack these open to fill the third shaker to compliment the salt and pepper, and put it on everything.

We won’t judge, this can be added to whatever you desire, just please caffeinate responsibly.