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Why do I Lucid Dream so Much?

Lucid dreaming is becoming consciously aware you are dreaming while still asleep. This awareness can lead to the ability to control some aspects of what happens within the dream.

For some, lucid dreaming takes a lot of work, requiring a ton of research, studying, and even meditation. However, for others, lucid dreaming is a frequently occurring part of daily life.

3 Possible Reasons you Lucid Dream So Much

1. You naturally pay more attention to detail


This may allow you to more quickly recognize when something is not right, and therefore realize you're dreaming. There is some scientific research to back this theory such as this study that produced evidence showing lucid dreamers may have more active insight-based problem-solving skills than nonlucid dreamers.

This natural, or even learned, elevated insight may be the same skill that allows dreamers to become aware in a dream.

Consequently, as you gain awareness and realize something is not right in your dream, you will be more likely to remember the dream.

2. Your sleeping habits are similar to the process of inducing lucid dreams

For example, if you naturally wake up multiple times during the night, these wakings can serve as reality checks. A reality check is a process of performing an action to see if your awake or not as you are falling in and out of sleep. Think of the movie Inception!

Reality checks are a strong foundation for inducing lucid dreams.  The idea is you are training yourself to more fully recognize when you are awake or dreaming.

Activating the mind with music or meditation could also increase the activity in the brain as it's trying to wind down.

Lucid dreamers swear by mediation and music like binaural beats to achieve lucid dreams. If you listen to music or study hard before bed, who knows, you could be paving the way for more insightful awareness in your dreams.

3. You are naturally a deep sleeper

deep sleep

Dreams happen during the deepest part of sleep called REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement cycle.

You normally go through this cycle several times a night, and the cycle gets longer each time as the night goes on.

If you are experiencing lucid dreams often, it only makes sense you are also dreaming a lot.

Consuming medications, supplements, or alcohol before bed can also put you in a deeper sleep giving you a better chance to experience vivid dreams.

NOTE: Even though many people believe they do not dream, research shows that most adults dream for 2 hours per night. However, the reality is that we forget most of our dreams. Lucid dreamers may feel like they dream more when, the truth is, they may just remember more.

How to Stop Lucid Dreaming

Scientists still don't fully understand it, but there has been significant research proving lucid dreaming is real.

While there are both benefits and risks of lucid dreaming, the main danger is interrupted sleep and it may lower the overall quality of sleep.

It is hard to say exactly what will reduce the amount you lucid dream; you can at least learn how to end one while you are in it.

To learn how to stop lucid dreaming, it may be of great benefit to learn what steps others take to purposefully lucid dream and avoid those things.

Some things you can do to wake up from a lucid dream are:

  • Try to speak or yell.
  • Attempt to read something in your dream.
  • Focus most of your energy on blinking and trying to wake up fully.

Happy Dreaming!

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