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Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Review (Bought & Tested)

nerf elite 2.0 commander review
Updated on 03/18/24

The Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 was released in 2020, and makes for a great addition to any Nerf arsenal.

Its name, “Commander,” implies the ability to adapt and demand respect in a Nerf battle, as it does.

The theme of the Nerf Elite Commander is packing a lot of customization options into a very affordable blaster. It is a spring-powered revolver-style blaster that holds 12 elite darts and shoots at 70 FPS. The five attachment points are a feature unmatched by any gun in its price range.

Featured in our list of best Nerf guns, this blaster comes highly recommended, but is it right for you?

In this guide, we will dig a bit deeper into the Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander to help you identify its key features and learn specifics about its pros and cons.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I purchased the gun with my own money.

Key Features of Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander

Let’s start by looking at the main features of the Elite 2.0 Commander and then both the good and bad of each one.

nerf commander detailed features
  • A spring-powered revolver-style blaster primed with a slide on top of the blaster.
  • It sports a fixed six-round cylinder that is front-loaded. Loading is quick and easy, but you will have to rotate the cylinder as two slots will be blocked by plastic.
  • Fires the standard elite darts, of which 12 are included. These darts aren’t the standard dart color but rather have colors matching the gun.
  • 70 FPS shooting speed, which is just about the Nerf gun average.
  • Has slam-fire which allows you to increase the rate of fire at some expense to accuracy.
  • Three tactical rails for attachments; One on top of the barrel, one below it, and another under the handle.
  • Both stock and barrel attachment points allow for loads of customization options. There is also a sling mount below the barrel.
  • Budget-priced, commonly found under $13, which is amazing for the design of the gun.

Review of Elite Commander 2.0

nerf commander design

I put the Elite 2.0 Commander through a 7-point review, which can be found below. I’ve determined that this is a reliable blaster with good value for the price. There are a few downsides to the gun, but no major dealbreakers.


Design & Ergonomics8.5
Ammo & Loading7.8
Firing & Rate of Fire8
Accuracy & Consistency7.8
FPS & Range7.5
Reliability & Durability8.5
Fun & Value9


  • Cool revolver design
  • Three tactical rails
  • Stock and barrel attachment points
  • Has slam-fire
  • Low price


  • Average FPS and range
  • Slower front-loading design
  • Not all attachment points are useful

Design & Ergonomics: 8.5/10

The amount of options for upgrades and customization is what sets this apart from similar blasters. While the Spectre Rev-5 can compare, it will likely be found at twice the price. Something like the Disruptor has a close price resemblance but has no extra options at all.

If you want to get weird with lots of stuff on your gun, that is great, but more attachments are not always better with this blaster. A large scope on top will interfere with the priming, and a large barrel with reduce the FPS.

The cons of the extra design are that it is a bit big for a pistol, making it too large to holster or conceal. Without attachments, it is also too small to be a primary. That being said, the Commander is comfortable to hold and use.

Ammo and Loading: 7.8/10

nerf commander barrel

The Commander includes twelve darts that have a bit of a different color design than the standard. Six are teal with orange tips, and the other six are orange with teal tips. This isn’t a huge deal, but using the different varieties can help your find your specific Nerf darts once the smoke of a battle clears.

The loading process could be better if it had a pop-out cylinder. It isn’t a major setback, but the barrel and cylinder guard block two of the slots. This means you have to do some rotating to load all the chambers. Still, front-loading is super slow, but enough to complain about.

Firing and Rate of Fire: 8/10

The Commander has a noticeably comfortable priming handle that is easy to hold and makes for a smooth slide.

The slam-fire is one of the best I’ve experienced on a blaster. This feature can, of course, be used by sliding back the prime handle while holding the trigger.

Accuracy and Consistency: 7.8/10

After putting many a round through this gun it is about average with its accuracy. The accuracy starts to fade outside 25 feet.

While firing this blaster, it didn’t strike me as inconsistent. Keep in mind it is hard to judge accuracy because a lot depends on how used or bent a dart is.

Inside 25 feet, the Commander does its job, but I would definitely say it’s average in this department.

FPS and Range: 7.5/10

Firing at an average of 70 FPS, the Commander does consistently shoot the Nerf average. You will get an occasional dart that shoots below 60, but the highest I saw was 75.

While firing the blaster at a normal angle, I measured an average range of 45-55 feet. When firing angled upwards, I got an average of 65-75 feet. The farthest dart went to 85 feet, which is still below the advertised 90.

Reliability and Durability 8.5/10

My Commander has seen some use and only will give you trouble when using bent or highly worn darts.

As far as durability goes, there is nothing that feels super flimsy on it. The only thing I worry about breaking is the slide, but mine has held up just fine.

I think it is a solid gun that will hold up unless you are overly rough with it.

Fun and Value: 9/10

nerf commander with attachments

As the Commander is one of the least expensive blasters you can buy, there isn’t too much to complain about.

No attachments are included, which is a bummer, as buying them separately can add up quickly. This blaster is perfect for those who already own other Nerf blasters and have some parts to can throw on.

Overall its value is hard to beat, but it would be a bit more fun if it came with at least one attachment.

Final Verdict

Based on the ranking factors above, I give the Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander a 8.2 out of 10. The Nerf Commander is one of those guns I think will “wow” some people but leave others wanting a bit more.

The slam fire is my favorite part and, for some reason, it seems to make it perform better. This could be in my head, but I swear it’s an anomaly in that regard.

Those who love dressing their dart guns up like barbie dolls, with attachments, of course, will love this.

If I had to get picky with it, the tactical rail options are cool, but not all are useful. Besides just attaching something to every point for a good laugh, the tactical rail below the barrel is the only one I’d use.

The bottom line is that it is a very affordable blaster with some great upgrade options. Otherwise, it is average in most categories.

Overall I would recommend this blaster to anyone because it works great out of the box and won’t disappoint for the price.

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Versions and Where to Buy the Nerf Commander

There is currently only one version of the Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander. As this is a common gun, it can be found at most major retailers.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Nerfing!