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The Nerf MP3 Player: Beginning of an Era

nerf mp3 player
Updated on 03/11/24

If you ain’t slinging foam to the sound of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, can you even consider yourself a Nerf gun Warrior?

The Nerf MP3 Player is an N-Strike series Nerf-brand digital MP3 player that can hold 2GB (500 songs or 40 hours) and runs off a single AAA battery (not included).

It also came with a set of white earbuds, making it battle ready right out of the box (minus the batteries, that is).

With its circular lower button and colorless screen, it has a stellar resemblance to the original iPod.

However, instead of white, this digital MP3 player is rocking the Nerf N-Strike colors: yellow, black, and orange (also, unlike the iPod, it doesn’t come with a battery).

This thing was the manifestation of style. It had a rubberized exterior to protect it from the ground and even sported a clip on the back so you could literally buckle in before taking your eardrums for a ride!

The Nerf MP3 player had a short lifespan and has been discontinued for years. While in production, it costs 35.99 USD.

However, if you want to acquire this significant piece of Nerf history, you might be able to snag one on eBay (you can set up an account and set up alerts to let you know if one is ever listed).

I hope that you enjoyed our journey into the past to look at this astonishing piece of technology that has likely inspired thousands of individuals around the world. Who knows, it may have even inspired Elon Musk.

Thanks for reading, and happy Nerfing!