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How to Say "I Love You" in Morse Code!

Whether you are looking to confessing your love in a way that won't make things awkward if they don't feel the same or simply looking for a new and fun way to communicate with your loved one, learning how to say I love you in Morse code is unique and quite simple.

With this guide, you will learn several ways to say "I love you" in Morse code, such as writing, speaking, or even blinking it. 

Let's waste no time and get to it!

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How to Use Morse Code

So before we can start coding messages, we first need to take a minute and learn how to use Morse code. Don't worry, it's actually pretty simple!

morse code dot & dash chart

To start, the entire Morse code system is made up of two symbols—dots and dashes.

  • Dots are represented by periods or circles and indicate a quick and rapid sound. It is represented by the sound "di or dit."
  • Dashes, on the other hand, are represented by longer symbols such as hyphens or short lines and indicate a slower sound. It is represented by the sound "dah."

These dots and dashes are used in different combinations to make up letters, numbers, and special characters.

There are also 5 standard timing rules that you need to know to communicate effectively. These rules are:

  1. The length of a dot is 1 unit of time.
  2.  The length of a dash is 3 units of time—or three times longer than a dot.
  3. The time gap between dots and dashes is 1 unit of time—or the same length as one dot.
  4. The time gap between full letters is 3 units of time—or the same length as one dash.
  5. The pause between complete words is 7 units of time.

That's it! That is all you need to know to start using Morse code. Now let's learn how to say "I love you verbally!"

How to Write "I Love You" in Morse Code

Alright, let's start by learning how to write "I love you" in Morse code using dots and dashes. This is typically what you find on things such as Morse code jewelry or letters.

Now we're not going to cover all the Morse code characters in this guide, however, if you would like to learn them, take a gander at our Ultimate Morse code chart here.

Otherwise, let's look at the 7 letters needed to say "I love you."

I  • •


L  • ─ • •

O  ─ ─ ─

V  • • • ─

E  •


Y  ─ • ─ ─

O  ─ ─ ─

U  • • ─

When laid out on a single line, I love you in Morse code will look like this!

• •   /  • ─ • •   ─ ─ ─   • • • ─   •  /   ─ • ─ ─   ─ ─ ─   • • ─


Note: I put a forward slash between words for clarity, however, you don't need to do this as long as you have enough space between words—remember rule number 5 above!

How to Say "I Love You" in Morse Code

Okay, so what if we want to tell speak "I love you" in Morse code? We'll we can do that too! Remember that Morse code is a system of long and short sounds— dits and dahs— and all we have to do is speak those sounds with the correct timing.

To say "I love you" in Morse code, repeat the following:

Di-di  /  di-dah-di-di   dah-dah-dah   di-di-di-dah   di  /  dah-di-dah-dah   dah-dah-dah   di-di-dah

Easy enough, right?

If you would like to hear this phrase in actual Morse code, check out the audio clip below!

If you want to confess your love in plain sight without anyone else knowing, considering learning how to blink "I love you" in Morse code.

Now blinking Morse code is a little more challenging, however, it is quite fun.

To blink characters in Morse code, the dots and dashes are represented in how much time you spend blinking.

Dots will be represented by short blinks or flutters—like you have something in your eye—, while dashes will be more pronounced blinks as if you are resting your eyes for a split second.

Check out the animation below of our good buddy Rocky blinking "I Love You!"

Blinking I love you Morse code

How to Say "I Love You" With Light

Okay, this last method is for those who want to go above and beyond and use light to say, "I love you."

Light has always been a useful way to communicate using Morse code and is still used today! Check out our article on why you should learn Morse code in the modern age!

To use light to say "I love you," we're simply going to represent our dots and dashes using short and long bursts of light. This is easily accomplished using a flashlight, or if you have a crafty hand, you can rig up something that blinks your code automatically!

Check out the following message using light.

Strobe Warning! This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

This was generated using a pretty cool site called Morse Code World.

"I Love You" in Other Languages

Alright, so you've learned a ton of different ways to communicate "I love you" in Morse code. Now let's look at how to say these three golden words in a few other languages!

Spanish: te amo

─  •  /  •─   ─ ─   ─ ─ ─ 

French: je t'aime 

•─ ─ ─   •  /  ─   •─ ─ ─ ─•   •─   ••   ─ ─   •

German: ich liebe dich

••  ─•─•  ••••  /  •─••  ••  •  ─•••  •  /  ─••  ••  ─•─•  ••••

Russian: Я люблю тебя

•─•─  /  •─••  ••─ ─  ─•••  •─••  ••─ ─  /  •─ ─  •─  •••

Italian: ti amo

─  ••  /  •─   ─ ─   ─ ─ ─ 

Wrapping It Up!

As you can see, those three little words, "I love you" are quite simple and fun to say in Morse code.

I hope that this little guide helped you in every way possible and if you have any questions or comments, please consider throwing those down in the comment section below.

Also, if you would like to learn more about Morse code, be sure to check out our beginner's guides here and our growing Morse code archive for more guides and articles.

As always, happy dabbling!

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