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How to Fold an Easy Origami Fly

origami fly
Updated on 02/28/24

Believe it or not, the fly symbolizes motivation, courage, and the will to power through even the most difficult trials.

In this paper-folding tutorial, you will learn how to fold an easy origami fly in 3-5 minutes.

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Let’s get folding!

To make a paper fly, you will need a single square piece of paper. You can use regular printer paper cut into a square; however, I recommend origami paper for better-looking folds and that traditional origami feel!

In this tutorial, I’ll be using a multi-color 6 x 6 sheet of origami paper, but you can also use single-colored paper.

1. Flip the paper color side down

origami fly step 1

If you are using dual-color origami paper, you’ll need to decide the color scheme of your fly.

Whichever color is facing down to start will represent the fly’s body. Whichever color is facing up will dictate the color of the stripe.

2. Fold in half diagonally

origami fly step 2

Fold the sheet in half diagonally—bringing the bottom-right corner to the top left corner.

3. Fold the corners to the top

origami fly step 3

Rotate the paper so that the long side is down and fold the left and right corners to the top corners, aligning them with the center crease.

Origami 101: You have now folded the square base, one of the many common bases that can be used for many different designs. Learn more about origami bases here.

4. Fold the left and right points down at an angle

origami fly step 4

To make the wings, fold the left and right points down and outward.

You can adjust these folds to give your fly larger or smaller wings.

5. Fold the top-layer flap down

origami fly step 5

Grab the upper layer of the top point and fold it down to meet the creases of the wings. You can also play around with this fold to make them fly longer or shorter.

6. Fold the top corner down, then unfold

origami fly step 6

Next, fold the top corner down to the top of the last fold. Crease well and then unfold.

7. Fold the top corner down, aligning the creases

origami fly step 7

This time fold the top corner down further and align the crease from the last fold with the top edge of the lower flap.

8. Flip over and the sides in

origami fly step 8

Now flip the paper over and fold the left and right edge inward and at a slight angle. Take a moment here to crease everything well.

9. Flip over and fold the top corners down

origami fly step 9

Let’s finish up the fly by making the eyes! Flip the paper over again and bend the top left and right corners down to the upper crease.

And there you have it, a traditional and easy origami fly!

easy origami fly complete

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Thanks for following along, and happy folding!