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How to Fold An Easy Origami Heart

easy origami heart
Updated on 01/24/24

Learn to make an easy origami heart with this quick folding tutorial.

This fold is a simple way to make a paper heart for fun or gifting to someone else in 4-5 minutes.

It could be used for Valentine’s or just as a spontaneous present with a special message written on it.

Let’s get folding!

In this guide, we used square origami paper with the same color on both sides, but the multi-colored paper is fine.

You can cut regular paper into a square if you don’t have any.

1. Fold the paper directly in half

origami heart folds 1

Crease the paper in half and then unfold.

2. Fold the paper in the opposite way in half again

origami heart folds 2

Fold the paper the opposite way as step one so that the paper is creased in fourths.

After creasing this second fold, you can unfold it.

3. Bring one side to the middle and crease

origami heart folds 3

After you have creased your fold again, flip it over for the next step.

4. Fold both bottom edges to the long middle crease

origami heart folds 4

Move both bottom corners to the vertical center crease to make the bottom point of the heart.

Flip the paper over for the next step after creasing well.

5. Bring both sides to the center crease

origami heart folds 5

Make sure to crease the edges again.

6. Fold the top corners down diagonally to the center

origami heart folds 6

Fold them as evenly as possible and give them a good crease once again.

7. Tuck the top into the lower flap

origami heart folds 7

Fold the upper flap entirely into the lower pocket until it’s flat.

8. Fold the flaps up and flatten the inner creases

origami heart folds 8

As you pull the flap up, grab the inner creases and fold them down evenly until everything is flat.

9. Fold the top corners diagonally inward

origami heart folds 9

Fold the top tips inward to the edge of the creases you flattened in the previous step.

10. Fold the top points of the heart down just a bit

origami heart folds 10

Shape the top of the heart by folding the upper points down as flat and even as possible.

Flip it over, and you have yourself an easy paper heart!

easy origami heart final

Want to keep folding? Check out our money origami heart folding guide to learn how to fold a dollar bill into a heart in just six easy steps!

Happy Folding!