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Nerf Mega Magnus Review (Bought & Tested)

n strike elite mega magnus review
Updated on 03/23/24

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster was released in 2014, and man, does it have a long official name.

The Nerf Mega Magnus blaster is a large spring-powered blaster that feels solid in hand. It has a top-loading 3-round internal magazine that allows for one-handed reloading. The Magnus also shoots Mega darts up to 75 FPS, which makes it even a bit more intimidating.

This gun is on our list of best Nerf Pistols, as the top pistol in the Mega line, but is it really that good?

In this guide, we will dive further into the Nerf Mega Magnus to help you identify the good and bad of each of its specific features.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I purchased the gun with my own money.

Key Features of Mega Magnus Pistol

Let’s begin by looking at the main features of the Nerf Mega Magnus and determining the pros and cons of each one.

nerf mega magnus features
  • A large spring-powered blaster primed with a large slide that is the whole top portion of the gun.
  • 3-round internal magazine. Loading is pretty simple and easy.
  • Fires Mega Darts and includes three of them. These darts are much larger than the normal elite darts whistle when fired.
  • Shoots darts at up to 75 FPS (feet per second), which is above the Nerf gun average.
  • One tactical rail under the barrel that is compatible with N-strike attachments.
  • Unjamming button on the left side of the blaster, assisting with rare jams, making them easier to clear.
  • Sling mount for team indicators or to help holster this monster.

Review of Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster

I put the Mega Magnus through a 7-point review, which can be found below. I’ve determined that this is a durable Nerf gun with average performance. The low ammo capacity is a bummer, but the blaster has a solid feel.

nerf mega magnus


Design & Ergonomics7
Ammo & Loading6.5
Firing & Rate of Fire6.5
Accuracy & Consistency7
FPS & Range7
Reliability & Durability8
Fun & Value7


  • Large solid pistol
  • Above average FPS shooting speed
  • Tactical rail for attachments
  • Shoots mega darts


  • Low Ammo Capacity
  • Slower loading design
  • Now discontinued, so harder to find

Design & Ergonomics: 7/10

The Magnus won’t blow anyone away with its design, but it is one of the sleeker Nerf Mega blasters. The grip is comfortable and fits well in a teen to adult-sized hand.

Having an N-strike tactical rail is a nice option, and a tactical grip doesn’t feel too bad on it. However, I think I prefer it without one.

As for the color design, it is typical Mega, and doesn’t have anything super flashy.

Overall, the gun feels good, but I’m not a fan of the internal mag design.

Ammo and Loading: 6.5/10

mega magnus internal mag

To load the Magnus, you slide the top of the gun back where it locks into place and reveals the 3-round internal mag. The best way to put the darts in is tip first, and then the foam part. This will help you avoid damaging the foam portion.

While loading on the fly might be a bit easier than pulling out an external mag, it’s not much faster than a front loader. The darts take a little more effort than you think to put in this internal mag.

This blaster only fires Mega dart ammo, which is large and whistles with each shot. The only real good thing about the big size is the Nerf darts are easier to find. I suppose there is also some intimidation factor with the bigger size.

Firing and Rate of Fire: 6.5/10

This gun fires smoothly, and there are no real complaints about how well it operates.

It’s hard to ask for a higher fire rate for a 3-round pistol, because you would spend more time reloading. However, if the Magnus somehow had a bigger internal magazine and slam-fire, it would be so much better.

Accuracy and Consistency: 7/10

No Nerf gun is really that accurate, but the Magnus shoots relatively straight at range.

While firing this blaster, it didn’t strike me as inconsistent. Keep in mind it is hard to judge accuracy because a lot depends on how used or bent a dart is.

Just like most other pistols, you will only be real accurate up to about 20 ft.

FPS and Range: 7/10

The shooting velocity of the Nerf Magnus is 70-75 FPS. This speed is around the Mega average and a bit harder than normal N-Strike blasters.

When I fired the blaster at a normal angle, I measured an average range of 50-70 feet. When firing up at a slight angle, and with no wind, you can get close to the 85 ft range claims on the box.

Reliability and Durability 8/10

It shoots fine, but I wouldn’t say it is a reliable primary in a Nerf war. The 3-shot capacity just isn’t enough.

This gun doesn’t jam easily, but the unjamming button will help you clear one when one occurs.

A very minor gripe is the cheap white paint comes off real easy.

Other than that, the Magnus is a durable gun that will hold up unless you abuse it.

Fun and Value: 7/10

I have had fun with my Magnus, but it’s not gonna be the first Mega blaster I reach for.

This Magnus is a bit harder to find now and will likely get more expensive as it is discontinued. Let’s just say it would not be my preferred $20 Nerf blaster. If you can get it at that price, it’s not a bad deal, but it is listed at more than double that at some retailers.

If you don’t mind the bigger size, the Cycloneshock is probably a better choice for a one-handed Mega blaster. It is a revolver Nerf gun that has double the ammo capacity and performs about the same.

Final Verdict

nerf mega magnus with grip

Based on the ranking factors above, I give the Nerf Mega Magnus a 7 out of 10.

The loading works but isn’t going to speed up your loading as some claim.

The built-in magazine does make the pistol slimmer, but the three-round mag is hard to get over.

It’s not gonna be good in a fast-paced Nerf battle. However, this blaster does its job and fires well.

I am being picky, and the Magnus isn’t all that bad; some people truly adore it. It really depends on the person and what you like.

Overall I would recommend this blaster to Mega fans because it works as advertised and is durable.

If you want a pistol that is even bigger, take a look at the new Mega XL Nerf guns!

Versions and Where to Buy the Mega Magnus

There were a few versions of the Magnus made, but most are now discontinued.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Nerfing!