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How to Make An Origami Ninja Star – Paper Ninja Star Guide

origami ninja star
Updated on 01/29/24

Learn exactly how to fold an origami ninja star with this easy origami guide.

This paper ninja star can be folded in 12 simple steps and will take 4-5 minutes to complete.

After folding this very tight and sharp so if you actually throw it, do so with caution.

Let’s get folding!

I used a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper for this fold and any rectangular origami paper will work fine for this tutorial.

1. Fold your paper in half from top to bottom

origami ninja star folds 1

Fold the paper in half from top to bottom and crease it so you can see the line well.

2. Cut or rip the paper in half on the crease

origami ninja star folds 2

After carefully separating the two halves, they will both be folded the exact same way.

3. Start by folding them in half lengthwise

origami ninja star folds 3

Again, both of the separated halves will be folded the exact same way following steps 3-8.

4. Fold it in half lengthwise one more time

origami ninja star folds 4

Fold the papers in half lengthwise one more time.

Make sure to crease the edges of each fold after each step.

5. Fold it in half widthwise

origami ninja star folds 05

Fold it in half from end to end and then unfold after making the crease.

6. Fold opposite edges to the middle crease

origami ninja star folds 6

Take the top left and the bottom right edges and fold them to the middle crease.

7. Fold the loose ends in half towards the middle

origami ninja star folds 7

Bring the outer edges in to meet the center section.

8. Make diagonal folds to create the points of the star

origami ninja star folds 8

Fold the square portions in half diagonally so the points are facing opposite ways.

Again, make sure to crease everything heavily to help make assembly easier.

9. Set one half on top of the other

origami ninja star folds 9

Make sure you have both halves folded the same way and set on top of each other as shown.

10. Start assembling the star by folding the tips into each other

origami ninja star fold 10

First, fold the bottom tip up and then you can fold the second tip into its pocket.

11. Fold the third tip into the second

origami ninja star folds 11

Push the third tip into the second one and press everything down flat and tight.

12. Fold the last point into the third point to finish

origami ninja star fold 12

Tuck the last point in so that they are all holding each other in.

You may need to do some straightening, but then you are finished.

origami ninja star final

Now you know how to make a paper ninja star!

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Happy Folding!