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Dollar Bill Origami House: Easy 7 Steps

Follow this quick and easy guide to make a dollar bill origami house.

Money origami is a fun hobby that is can be both simple, but also challenging.

This little money house perfect for a quick creative tip, or a great idea with a bigger bill to make a unique house-warming gift.

Let's Get Started!

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We will start on the front side of a one-dollar bill.

STEP 1: Fold the bill in half both ways and make the creases

Dollar Bill Origami House 1

Start by folding in half from left to right, and make the crease.

Dollar Bill Origami House 2

Then unfold and fold the bill in half lengthwise as well.

Once you have made the crease you can unfold it again.

STEP 2: Fold the bill to the halfway mark from top to bottom

Dollar Bill Origami House 3

You will make this fold with the backside of the bill facing up.

Once you have made the fold you can flip it over.

STEP 3: Fold both the left and right sides slightly inward

Dollar Bill Origami House 4

Start by folding the right side in to about the top of the circle with George Washington.

Then fold the left side inward about the same distance as the other side.

STEP 4: Fold the top corners of the inside flaps

Dollar Bill Origami House 5

These folds are just for making a crease and once you are done you can unfold them.

STEP 5: Squash fold the corners you just folded

Dollar Bill Origami House 6

On both sides spread the side flaps and squash the top tips flat like shown.

STEP 6: Fold the top twice to make the pointed roof

Dollar Bill Origami House 7

Start with the top left side and fold it down to about the halfway mark on the bill and crease.

Then fold the top right corner down to the same mark while making sure the roof is even.

STEP 7: Fold the bottom to the top, and then make one last diagonal fold

Dollar Bill Origami House 8

Fold the bottom clear to the top point of the roof and crease.

Lastly, fold the top left corner down diagonally to meet the right edge of the bill.

Dollar Bill Origami House 9

You now know how to quickly fold a dollar bill origami house with a chimney!

Happy Folding!

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