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Dollar Bill Origami Sword: Fold in 13 Steps

Dollar Bill Origami Sword
Updated on 12/20/23

Fold an awesome dollar bill origami sword in 13 steps with this money origami guide.

This dollar sword is sure to impress and be a fun gift to share with family and friends.

Follow this detailed guide with pictures, and you will have your own dollar sword in less than 5-10 minutes!

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How to Fold a Dollar Bill Into a Money Origami Sword

origami money sword

We will start on the backside of the bill so that we can have George Washington on the blade of the sword.

Dollar Bill Sword 1

Step 1: Fold in half lengthwise to crease it, then unfold it

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 2

Step 2: Next, fold the top and bottom lengthwise to meet the crease

Dollar Bill Sword 3

Step 3: Make the sword point

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 4

Fold the left and right top corners down to form the point of the sword.

Step 4: Fold the edges lengthwise once again

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 5

Step 5: Open the fold just made and flip it over completely

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 6

Open the previous inward folds and flip the bill over to the face side.

Step 6: Fold the non-pointed side down to the “E”

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 7

Fold the edge to meet the “E” on the word “ONE” on the bill.

Step 7: Flip it over, and fold the top flap lengthwise to meet the crease

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 8

When you make the fold, you will have to squash fold the point that formed from folding the edges to the crease.

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 9

The easiest way to do this is to stick your finger or a pencil in there to make sure it will be flat when squashed.

Step 8: Flip it over and fold the flap out

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 10

Simply bring the lower flap out and flat. It will help to temporarily flip it over while doing this step

Make sure to crease it once folded.

Step 9: Fold both the left and right sides to the edge of the last fold

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 11

You fold the top left down and crease it.

Then open it up to do the same thing on the right side.

Again the whole point of this is to make a crease on both folds and then unfold it.

The creases you make will look like an “x,” as shown in the next picture.

Step 10: Fold the top down over the sword and crease it

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 12

Bring it as far down as it will naturally fold over the middle edge and crease it. 

Once you make the fold and crease it, you then unfold it.

Step 11: Fold the handle in and squash and fold it down

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 13

Start by folding the handle into the middle where the edges meet.

You will then have to make sure to squash fold the middle pointed edges to make sure they are flat as you fold it down.

Step 12: Fold the handle back up to make a crease

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 14

Make the fold to crease where the handle meets the blade part of the sword.

Step 13: Round the handle by folding it in

Dollar Bill Origami Sword 15

Fold the handle in half lengthwise, and squash fold the little points that are made.

This part is never gonna look the same twice; you can just shape the handle to your liking.

Dollar Bill Origami Sword Complete

That’s it! You now have a finished dollar bill origami sword!

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