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Nerf Ultra Speed Review (Bought & Tested)

nerf ultra speed review
Updated on 03/23/24

The Nerf Ultra Speed blaster was released in August of 2022 as a part of the Ultra Nerf series.

Its name implies that it is a fast shooter, but does it live up to the hype?

The Nerf Ultra Speed is an automatic flywheel blaster that can shoot up to 7 darts per second. It comes with two ammo clips and 24 of the very accurate Nerf AccuStrike rounds. The Ultra Speed also launches darts at up to 95 feet per second.

In this guide, we will further explore the features of the Nerf Ultra Speed to help you understand what it does right and how it could be better.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I purchased the gun with my own money.

Key Features of the Nerf Ultra Speed

Let’s begin by looking at the detailed features of the Ultra Speed!

nerf ultra speed detailed features
  • An automatic flywheel blaster powered by 6 C Batteries.
  • Fires Nerf Accustrike darts at up to 95 FPS (feet per second).
  • Includes two 12-shot magazines and 24 Nerf Accustrike darts
  • Fixed front grip as well as on gun storage for extra ammo clip
  • Includes a carrying handle with an N-strike tactical rail on the very top.
  • A sling mount is included on the back and front of the gun.

Review of the Nerf Ultra Speed Blaster

I put the Ultra Speed through a 7-point review, which is found below.

I’ve determined that this is a very fun and fast-shooting blaster that has some unfortunate flaws. The best part is that the feels good and shoots hard. The dealbreakers for some will be the mediocre full-auto performance and the unique ammo clips that are not compatible with other blasters.


Design & Ergonomics7.5
Ammo & Loading8.5
Firing & Rate of Fire8
Accuracy & Consistency7.5
FPS & Range8.5
Reliability & Durability8
Fun & Value8
nerf ultra speed


  • Automatic, easy-firing blaster
  • Fast-firing speed of 7+ darts per second
  • Solid 90+ FPS average dart speed
  • Awesome color design
  • Includes two mags and twenty-four darts


  • Magazines not compatible with other Nerf Ultra Guns
  • Performance reduction in Full-auto
  • Requires 6 C Type Batteries (Not included)
  • Higher priced

Design & Ergonomics: 7.5/10

The overall ergonomic and color design is solid. The gun looks amazing and feels amazing, so I have no complaints about that.

Both grips are comfortable, and the compact short stock feels good against the shoulder.

Let’s talk about the required 6 C-Type batteries. Installation of the batteries is easy enough with the tray located on the left side of the gun. However, for the price, I feel they should have included a rechargeable battery.

You will have to buy $15-$20 worth of batteries every time they need to be replaced. This blaster requires a lot of them compared to the typical battery powered Nerf guns.

nerf ultra speed left side

Designing the magazines to not be compatible with others in the Ultra Series is a bummer. The only way to get other mags right now is to buy multiple guns.

Ammo and Loading: 8.5/10

The Ultra Speed includes two 12-dart magazines and 24 of the top-tier Nerf AccuStrike darts. These darts are high-quality and some of the most accurate ammo that Nerf makes.

Its included clips are easy to load with graphics showing the correct way to insert them. Loading is relatively fast, and the mags are not flimsy or cheap feeling.

nerf ultra speed ammo clip

If you look closely at the AccuStrike darts, they look and feel like a tougher version of packing styrofoam. The rubber tip on the end feels similar to an elite dart, but there is bit more space for air cushion in there.

Firing and Rate of Fire: 8/10

To fire the Nerf Ultra Speed, you first use the rev trigger to get the motor up to speed. One thing to note is that the rev-up speed takes a few seconds. If you pull the firing trigger too fast, it won’t shoot as hard.

According to my tests, this blaster outperformed the advertised seven darts per second firing speed on fresh batteries. I got up to 8 darts per second, but the tests aren’t perfect as the mags only hold 12 darts.

The dart velocity reduces a good amount in full-auto mode after about four darts shot.

Single firing this blaster isn’t the easiest thing to do but will help with performance. However, the best way to fire the Ultra Speed is to burst fire. Instead of holding down the firing trigger, just tap it for half a second to fling a few darts at a time.

The unfortunate part of the high fire rate is that you will spend more time finding your darts than shooting. Eye protection is also a good idea with this one, mostly because the dart fire way too fast to try and dodge.

Accuracy and Consistency: 7.5/10

Within 25 ft, you should have no problem hitting someone in a Nerf battle. Within 15 ft, full-auto spray and pray actually works. I think 35 ft is the max that you will be able to hit a moving target.

The Speed fires the more accurate Nerf Ultra ammo but the ammo still isn’t the best for consistency.

To get the most consistent accuracy, you need to let the blaster fully rev and burst fire this gun.

FPS and Range: 8.5/10

90-95 Feet per second dart velocity puts the Ultra Speed on par with other Ultra blasters. However, this speed is well above the average Nerf gun speed. It produces a solid sting within 25-30 feet that lets your friends know you are not messing around

The Ultra speed shoots an average of 50 feet when fired at a normal angle. With a pretty good angle up in the air, this gun can make it about 75 feet. These range tests were done while single firing the gun.

You will achieve much less range and velocity if you fire full-auto.

Reliability and Durability 8/10

During the testing of this gun, I didn’t have any jams or mechanical malfunctions. It is more reliable when the batteries are fresh, which is typical for automatic blasters.

It stinks that the rev-motor doesn’t fully keep up with fully automatic fire. However, as long as you burst fire, it is fairly reliable.

As for durability, I don’t have any concerns about specific parts breaking. Nothing feels super cheap on it. A common concern is dropping the mags on a hard surface. Thankfully these ones have a hard rubber on the bottom to help absorb some shock.

Aside from excessive dropping or other abnormal abuse, I don’t have any major durability concerns.

Fun and Value: 8/10

I have no doubt that everyone that fires the Ultra Speed will have fun with it. The motor is one of the loudest I’ve heard and will definitely strike fear into the hearts of your foes. It definitely checks all the boxes of an intimidating and exciting blaster.

However, the price tag is slightly on the higher end, initially retailing for around 72 US dollars. If it had that rechargeable battery, as I mentioned, I wouldn’t complain about the price.

Final Verdict

Based on the given ranking factors, I give the Nerf Ultra Speed an 8 out of 10.

ultra speed blaster

This blaster will is an entertaining one, and you can’t complain about the firepower. I gave it such a high score because it comes down to the fun for me. I want people to try it, but it’s a bit pricy for the overall performance.

As with so many Nerf guns before, if Hasbro did one or two things differently, this one would be so much better. With a rechargeable battery, this gun would be an easy 9 rating and even higher with better full-auto performance.

This is a Nerf gun I don’t regret buying, but I can see why some people might feel they don’t get their money’s worth. This blaster could fair pretty well, depending on the specific rules of your Nerf battle game. I feel this is a must-have if you can find it on sale.

Where to Buy the Nerf Ultra Speed

The Ultra Speed is not exclusive to a specific retailer. You can find it at most major retailers, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target. Click the corresponding links of your favorite store below to check the current prices.

Ultra Speed Accessories and Attachments

The Ultra Speed requires batteries that aren’t included with the purchase of the toy.

C Type Batteries – Energizer C12 Batteries – 12 pack

This Nerf gun shoots AccuStrike Ultra darts and normal Ultra darts.

NERF AccuStrike Ultra 20-Dart Refill Pack — Type included with the blaster, which are more accurate. These are silver with red tips.

NERF Ultra One 20-Dart Refill Pack — Standard black Ultra darts with orange tips.

Remember one of the most important Nerf safety tips: use eye protection!

Nerf Guns Like the Ultra Speed

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Thanks for reading, and Happy Nerfing!