Dollar Bill Shirt with Tie

Dollar Bill Shirt and Tie: Folding Guide

Make this dollar bill origami shirt and tie on your first try with this easy step by step tutorial.

Money origami is a fun hobby and skill to learn. These pieces of money art that you create are great for gifts, tips, and impressing others.

Don’t worry, you are not going to mess it all up if you misfold once or twice.

If you want to practice without ruining a dollar bill, you can trace a dollar bill and cut out a piece the same size to practice with.

Here we go!

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Start with a fresh dollar bill!

dollar bill

STEP 1: Fold the bill in half horizontally

Fold the bill in half to make a crease, and then unfold it.

Dollar Bills Fold 1
STEP 2: Fold the bill in fourths

Fold both halves lengthwise to meet your center crease, then unfold it again.

Dollar Bills Fold 2

Make sure to rub the edges to make good creases.

You should now have three visible creases made on the bill.

STEP 3: Start the tie

Fold the two corners of the left side of the bill to meet the middle crease then fold that whole side down.

This will make a new crease at right below where your newly folded corners sat.

Dollar Bills Fold 3

STEP 4: Make the tie

Hardest Part: Picture the tie, and fold one side of the tie at a time.

Dollar Bills Fold 4

Don’t get in a rush, this is a challenging part. Use the lines on the bottom tip of the tie and work diagonally until you get to the top of the bill.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can make the tie skinnier or fatter based on your preference.

You have to do what is called “squash folding”. Start by folding softly until you can get the line where you want it.

Then fold it hard and crease it when the sides look good and even.

It should look something like this underneath,  and once you have folded both sides.

Dollar Bills Fold 5

This is an example of a thicker tie.

STEP 5: Tuck the shirt under the tie

Next, simply fold the sides to the center crease and tuck them under the tie.

Dollar Bill Fold 6

There will at least be a small gap due to the underpart of the tie keeping the two sides apart.

This is fine, just focus on making it as straight as you can.

STEP 6: Fold the back of the collar

On the other end of the bill, fold the whole end over. The crease should be on the closest green line to the edge.

Dollar Bill Fold 7

You just made the back of the shirt collar.

STEP 7: Fold both front collars

Flip the whole thing over and fold the front collars.

Dollar Bills Fold 8

Fold the corners so that they touch and use the tips of the pyramids as shown as guides to make the folds.

You want the collars as even as you can get them and touching at the top when pressed down.

Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect as you will be able to adjust it later if needed.

STEP 8: Line up collar under the tie.

Fold from the very bottom of the collar over to the other side to line up underneath the tie.

Dollar Bills Fold 9

You can use the bottom of your previous fold or the bottom right tip of the pyramid as a guide to fold it over.

STEP 9: Make the shirt sleeves

Make the sleeves by pulling up the lower collar half and pushing out each middle edge of the bill.

Dollar Bills Fold 10

This is probably the second hardest part so be easy on yourself and take it slow.

It may be easier if you pick a mark like George Washington’s left eye as the beginning part of your fold.

Folding one sleeve at first makes it easier, just don’t crease them hard until you have both even as possible.

Then try to manipulate the sleeve until you can fold them down even.

STEP 10: Line up tie with the sleeves.

Flip the whole thing over to the backside of the bill with the sleeves up top, and fold the bottom to line up the tie between the sleeves.

Dollar Bills Fold 12


LAST STEP: Fold the collar over the shirt and tie.

Last Step: Flip it over again and fold the collar over the back to tuck over the shirt and tie.

Dollar Bills Fold 13

You did it! You have a finished dollar bill origami shirt and tie!

Learn how to fold dollar bill origami pants to go with this money shirt and tie.

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